anyone have any great ideas for gaining energy? i am taking vit d, etc. but i am zapped... i keep thinking its gonna go away the next day, but it gets worse... i dont want to be in bed anymore... any ideas? thanx to you all...

Hello moondance,

So sorry to hear your energy is been took from you...the only way i've noticed to hold abit of energy at times is slowly pacing your daily routines's such an issue and disease to deal with but other member's may come up with something alot more positive because all member's deal with the energy level in differnt ways.

((Hugs & Kisses)) Terri xxx

thank you Ann...i have been sick for 27 years....just diagnosed in 2009 with lupus after being a "mystery" to local i guess i am in a bit of a flare...but the depression that comes with it kicks my butt...i am on prozac and have been for years...i just feel exhausted all the time and its no fun..i have severe joint destruction... the pool is a great idea if i can do it.

hope you are feeling good! xoxo