Saw my PCP for a follow up since starting my new med. and to see how everything is going. For the first time in a long time my inflammatory markers are in normal range. HUGE relief and to top it off I finally found a rheumy. that agreed I have lupus. So I can not wait till Dec. to see him and see what the next steps will be! My main doctor also said that I mostly likely have over lapping connective tissue/auto immune diseases and that is why it is so hard for them to come to a conclusion. He said a good portion of what I am feeling and the pure exhaustion is from the pred. so my biggest hurdle is getting off of that. Not looking forward to it! I feel so nasty every time I go down just 1mg. But its gotta get done! :) He said I notice you to be looking better, spirit whys, you seem happier. I was like well let me show you why.. and I showed him my Ollie he couldn't believe it and was so happy for me! He saw what an improvement he has made in my life already. So I know have a medical documentation saying I need him for medical purposes! Why haven't I gotten a puppy a long time ago?!?!? Hope everyone is having a good day! :)

Have to be careful- the severe fatigue can actually be a symptom of lupus and can be an indicator of disease activity Usually prednisone makes it better - by controlling the lupus And you can have this severe fatigue even when your inflammatory markers are normal- exhaustion is the nemesis of us lupies

I love my pets and at times they are a handful to take care of but I dont no what I would do without them. I am so happy that you are feeling better.

Happy to hear that you are loving your puppy, and he's making a difference in your life. I don't know what I'd do without my Button and Bows........... Take care of yourself.

I agree with your doctor, get off the prednisone it will benefit you in the end. Lupus is for the long haul, so just adjust your tolerance without damaging medications. It is a challenge, but I did it and don’t regret it. I will live my best and full life on my terms not medication terms…except for the plaquenil. Lol

I just knew that Ollie would make a difference!!! It is even better that the doctor noticed. As far as the fatigue that really is a big part of lupus. I always felt that prednisone gave me more energy, but we are all different. I too would never give up the plaquenil!

I wish the best for you and Ollie!!

Hugs to your puppy!!!

I’m so pleased for you that you are feeling happier and that your makers have improved. I have a true love-hate relationship with Prednisone. I have learned to use it only when there is simply no other choice. When I take Prednisone, I feel manic. My pain is reduced and I can go on just a few hours of sleep a night. I want to talk to everyone I see, and if I’m alone, I want to read all night. Unfortunately, after a week or so, my emotions start yo-yoing up and down, I want to eat copious amounts of food, but yet nothing tastes quite right, and worst of all, I begin feeling badly again. The longer I stay on it, the worse my emotions are and the worse I feel. When I started Prednisone, I was on 120 mg a day and in the ICU. Once I FINALLY weaned myself off, I never wanted to see those pills again. Give your precious Ollie lots of hugs while you are coming off Prednisone. It will make both of you happy!