Prednisone *tsk* *tsk*

Well I say my rheumy earlier today and we argued AGAIN. -_-
He says and I quote I "doctor myself". As if. Lol (although I probably do).
Anyway, I wish I could say that the propranolol is better than the atenolol but it isnt. Just earlier today my bp jumped up to 130/100 with a pulse of 108. That's the highest its been in a while! My normal before this episode was 108/69 with a pulse of 80-90. The reason I took the bp today was because I was watching tv when I suddenly felt like I had a mixture of nausea/anxiety. It is hard to really explain the feeling but you can definitely feel it after being so low for so long.
Anyway, my doctor wanted me to stay on 20mg of prednisone. Its funny because not a year ago I was arguing for him to up the dose. He jokes that I'm purposely counterarguing with him. But I really am scared to stay on prednisone.
All of my other doctors have been adamant about me getting off the prednisone, but I guess he said its "ok". We did talk about cellcept though. On the downside he still has delusions that I will go into remission on the prednisone if I stay on it longer. -_-
On the bright side, he definitely is taking the situation much more seriously since my cardiologist said that the problems with my heart are due to lupus. He could not really argue with that.
So we do see cellcept on the horizon if my lupus can not settle itself down. I see my rheumy again in two weeks and he wants me to call him next tuesday to talk about my lab results. If my sed rate is high I think he may actually consider cellcept a bit more. I know there is bad side effects, but honestly what have I got to lose at this point?
My only fear is that we will wait for the lupus to settle down so long that something might happen with my heart and I do not want to see it damaged.

ahh well, sorry for that rant there. I still am in pain but now I can take naprosyn again >:D
Sorry for the evil face but Im very happy because tylenol does nothing. Besides I just cannot take the naprosyn everyday, but I can take it. wheee.

On a side note I am running a fever and my rheumy is slightly concerned. It was 99.7 in his office but it jumped to 100 just now. That, along with the fact that I'm having a lot of neck pain is making him slightly concerned. As a result hes making me take my temp twice a day for the next two weeks. And he calls me the worry wart! lol

I wish you all the best of health,