Dose anyone knew anyting ahout Immune Globulin Infusion

Not a good weekend... Got home from work was asleep by 7pm. Try to go to my nieces Birthday party lasted about a hour went home was in bed the rest of weekend.. This not life..... MY FATIGUE IS THE WORST IT'S EVER BEEN..... I need help. Is any one who knows any about Immune Globulin Infusion? Please I don't I can take much more.......

Hello Firelady,

So sorry to hear about how your fatigue is hitting you but it's one of the main issues with Lupus and Lupus can make you feel what's the point but we all have it and need to carry on and be strong.

I've not taken Immune Globulin infusion but member's will answer in due you've not stated if you've been offered the drug or if your on it and not feeling well with it.

Here's a link on the drug though if you'd like to view it.

Love and hugs Terry xxx

I had an IVIG infusion to control a severe hemolytic anemia and it worked for that I read that in some countries IVIG is used as a treatment for lupus but don't believe it is an accepted practice in the US Have you also looked into Benlysta?

Ivig is used…but very expensive …results vary…but it seems u can’t get worse… it likely can only help. The infusion takes hours…but they come to ur home. Check efficacy and risks with ur dr. They use ivig for many autoimmune issues.,

Dear Firelady, I'm so sorry your feeling so weak. The Lupus fatigue is frightening to me. It runs so deep. God bless you made it to your nieces birthday though. I'm sure it meant a lot to her to have Auntie there even if it was only for an hour. My daughters are 27 on the 14th. I know they still want to have their mom help them celebrate! xoxo Kathy

Hello Firelady,

I hope your keeping fine and member's have been able to help you also.

Love Terry xxx