Disappearing cartilage

I recently found out I have lost the cartilage in my sinuses! I had sinuplasty 3 years ago and now the cartilage is gone. My new ENT casually let me know this. Could this be attributed to lupus? Anyone else have anything like this?

I haven't lost any cartilage, but I have had alot of problems with my sinuses. I've had sinus surgery twice in the last 8 years. My last surgery was in September and "knock on wood", my sinuses have been good. Sorry to hear this!

l don’t know if I have sinus/Cartlidge problems but I can say that every time I am in a unhealthy place with joint pains headaches and that constant feeling of fluff/itchy face, I usually have a bit of blood show in one or both of my nostrils!! Sorry to be so graphic.

I dont know if ive lost cart.but i have been having alot of problems with my sinus,also numbness in my mouth and on right side of my face,going on 2 yrs and no one seems to be able it figure it out.i was treated for lupus for about 10yrs but recently changed rhumy dr and he did alot of blood work and has changed my diagnoses tomixed connective tissue disease,now im wondering if my face and mouth problems r do to my sinus problems.can u tell me what your symtoms was or how u found out about your sinus,i cant seem to get any dr to listen to me they just swipe it under the rug.i had a ct scan awile back and it showed sinusiest,any help will be gratly appreceated,thanku and good luck

I have had continued sinus problems most of my life and regular medications don’t help. I don’t know if the cartilage is the problem there but my body seems to get rid of the cartilage everywhere else. I’ve had both knees replaced, my big toe joint fused and problems with my hands, 3 neck fusions, all due to lack of cartilage.

I started with sinus infections then the ENT decided I needed sinuplasty. I had facial numbness that was misdiagnosed as both sinus issues and trigeminal neuralgia. Now I find out a couple of years after the surgery and lots of meds that the cartilage is gone in the sinuses and I actually have scleroderma!

My teen daughter, who keeps getting an on/off diagnosis(frustrating), had a rheumy suggest that she was losing cartilege in her knees. She stated that THAT was why her knees swelled beyond use, she also gave her a chronic pain syndrome diagnosis. PT, physical therapy, high vitaminD doses etc. They say her bloody noses and headaches etc. have no known cause?

Did they say if there is any connection to lupus and cartilage loss? Is this common?

Im so frustrated with doctors right now.

The cartridge in my ankle had completely wasted away to the point I had receive a fusion on my ankle due to it kept dislocating. After I was diagnosed with. Lupus I always wonder if it wasn’t due to the disease.

I have an overlapping disease called "relapsing polycondritus".it specifically deteriorates the cartilage from the rib cage up into the ears and nose, including the bronchial tree.. I know for certain it affects the bridge of the nose and can cause a condition called "saddle nose" , not sure about it affecting the sinuses?? In my case the top of my left ear started to inflamed, turn bright red, hearing loss,and throbbing in the ear drum..when that "cycle" was over I was left with the top to middle of my ear deteriorated, thinning with little "nodules". After so many flares of this the very top of my ears is slightly bent over, it's very painful:/but it DOSE NOT affect the ear lobe. The symptoms of this disease are very specific to what areas are affected in the upper body and that is how a doctor knows to diagnosis it. in my situation its is considered "diffused" because I have a specific pattern of cartilage loss throughout my hips and left knee too. definitely ask your rhuemy or ENT if maybe your cartilage loss could be RP but im sure there could be many other reasons. Its a rare disease but if you have it you'd already have an autoimmune diseases like lupus or RA. The treatments are the same as treating moderate moderate to severe lupus, immunosuppressives, cytoxin, and prednisone cocktails..good luck and let us know what the dr says?!?xo