Disability! This will be a new life for me - Any pointers?

My husband and I have been discussing that it may be time for me to look into disability. I am 58 years old and have worked ever since I was 18. I am not sure if this is right and I am feeling unsure, but I continue to miss work due to lupus, fibromyalgia and other issues. I am asking for any pointers.

Do you have long term disability at work? It has been a life saver for me getting paid while i wait for a reply from social security. Make sure your doctors will support you leaving work and try and get all your paper work in order. You can go to the social security blue book and it will tell you what they are looking for when approving you. I wish you good luck

Thank you for the reply. I am working on getting everything ready.

I took disability 4yr ago n it took me a good 2yrs to get it into my head that my health was more important. I missed the company a lot and the customers. Health and quality of life is important so good luck in deciding but put yourself first x

Your local Social Security office can provide you an information packet on applying for disability. Possibly also useful is a section of the article "Coping With Crisis" published in the "Face Pain Info" tab of the menu at Living with TN. See http://www.livingwithtn.org/page/reserved-tab-b and then page down to "Filing for Disability".

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Do it. I applied and was approved. You can work parttime or do avon that’s what I do. I make a little money. I’m my own boss and I can work at my leisure.

Make sure you document everything, especially mental health issues. I was approved and felt the same way you did...though I'm younger. 36. Ive been working since 16 and was a nurse and loved my job. It was a difficult decision but impossible for me to work. I was approved the first time but I had a company help me called Allsup. And when they ask how you do stuff on a day to day basis tell them how you feel on your WORST day...not sometimes Im ok, sometimes not....good luck!


Try the link above if you havent already it can tell you based on your work history what amount you may be looking at ... its a good indicator of your financial future.... Good luck..

My husband has to reapply as his appeal, though the judge said he is disabled. hewas turned down. His lawyer told him to reaaply from the beginning again, but also offered this infrmation; if you are over 50, have worked in the same career field most of your life and have documentation of diagnosis, you are more likely to get approved than even someone in their mid fourties with the same other criteria.

I had to take a disability retirement at 44 and I am 51 now. It was tough for me to get my head around it, but my body wasn't allowing me to work any longer. My former employer gave me a hard time because of my illness, but I qualified for disability and my doctors supported me.

You have to take care of YOU!


I agree with everyone else is comments. I’m 38 years old & I cried when Cigna, My long term disability from my job recommended me to consider applying for Social Security disability, I talked it over with My parents because I was/am still in denial that I will heal and have My remission then, go back to work. My parents reminded me that I worked for My SSDI and I shouldn’t be ashamed of being “disabled”… I thought okay… I lie to My drs and family to pretend that I can ready to go back to work then over work myself to the hospital or early grave. They denied me the first time I filed in July, Allsup appealed it for me. My job gave me separation of disability on February this year, the next day my rheumy told me that he was signing my paperwork for my SSDI… So it all worked out when I let go and let God. They denied me for my health insurance because I got too much from my SSDI. The challenging part is no medical and meds but, I’ve signed up for patient assistance with my doctors facility to keep my same drs and finding programs to help me with my meds.

I want to thank everyone that has replied. I am going to do it!! I am currently on short term disability, but I will work on getting long term disability and social security.

Take good care of YOU!!!!