Did I have a TIA?

or just a cluster type headache? My head, mostly on the left side near the back felt like it was sort of in a vice, I had PULSATING pain for FIVE HOURS at about a 8/10 on the pain scale. I was curled up in fetal position, eyes closed. Hubby tried ice, rubbing feet and wrapped a heating pad around my head. Finally came out of it. I was 2 seconds away from calling 911 since I was in so much pain I couldn't take anymore. I don't know HOW I could have even gotten into the car, you would have had to PRY me out of fetal position first.

The headache dissapated over the next day and by the following night was down to a minor nuisance.

But then last night my nose turned bright red and the left side of my face went numb for about 15 minutes.

I'm fine now.

What kind of test do I need now and is it too late since the episode is over?

And WHAT is going on? Does this have to do with my constant cranial neuropathies?

Thanks and HUGS, Julie

Dear, I would still go to the hospital. This does not sound good at all. First your face going numb and then the headache… Not good at all! I have no idea what this could have been! Plz take care of yourself!

julie so sorry to hear about this...i think you need to be checked out too...i know lupus has all kinds of crazy things but the numb feeling and such a severe headache sounds like something that needs to be checked

Hi Julie,

As you know i had to chronic strokes at 24 and as i joined the site i'd just had another stroke and was soon got into the TIA unit up the hospital and within 2 days a full MRI on the brain....they knew the lupus caused my other's but not this one...it took me ages to recover but they leave you weaker each time.

They can cause headaches and severe like you but regarding numbness your talking emergency mate, you can't afford to esitate with what you've got wrong besides.

Julie i advise you to read this link mate.


Plus please let we know what happens and i hope to god you've not had one.

(( All my thoughts are with you on this)) Love Terri xxx

Although just to lighten up a bit the side of my face would go numb as part of my migraine syndrome- no stroke or tia involved Migraines can cause ischemia as well as the headache which usually resolves You need to see your doctor as different causes require different treatment and he needs to figure out what's going on here

Hello Julie,

So good to hear off you and i was so genuinly concerned mate...my thoughts was oh no not another friend.

With TIA'S you can recover from 24hrs to 48hrs back to normal but they are warning signs for a proper stroke....when i had mine just before i joined the site, i was in bed lying there, my left leg went paralized, then my left arm and i lost sensation on the left side of my face...i had slight pain in the head then it went a numb feeling well it turned me frightened because of me having no feeling in the right as that's gone, ste was alerted quickly through moaning noises as i'd lost my speech and it went slurred he got the ambulance in and they tested my heart and rushed me in, they kept me there for hours and wanted to put me on a ward but ste asked the doctor if i could come home because ofinfections as that's my main concern now but it had dropped my mouth and eyelid on the left side and even now it's left me alot weaker and if any stress hits my body either my heart races or the eyelid gets heavy...so it's left scarring with me.

I'm on asprin to keep my blood thin but Lupus does'nt help regarding strokes it can cause them....these mimi strokes are warnings for a main one.

You see julie you've got that many issues going on where you go without use and paralization which i suffer besides and to you, you would'nt know the difference not until your taken in and checked and they soon have you in the TIA unit taking details and then furthur tests on the heart, MRI and if it comes to it here treadmills the lot.

Julie i never and i sware to god never like frightening anyone but they can be killers left alone and ignored...so come monday see a doctor.

Julie watch the video links....ones from a uk doctor for TIA strokes and the other is a video of what happens.



((Love to you to bits and please watch these mate.)) xxxx

I'll Prey For You

Hi Julie,

I should have expected the double R. lol

Don't feel stupid as it's not an issue to feel stupid about and you must get in tomorrow to see your doctor or someone because TIA'S here are taken very seriously but i don't know about the states....my advantage is though i've got a rigged up alarm system in the home and ambulances are soon here.

If you leave it to long if anything as happened in your head could settle itself back down but sometimes if they're caused by a clot forming they go smaller but i still visubale to see on an MRI and with your conditions it needs to be found out straight away....you face and arm alone can be a TIA and the liquid heat in your head you felt could have been vessels happening instead....julie if you watched the video's what you had could have been a mild one which can last upto 15mins, mine was'nt a chronic one again thank goodness but it's took me a while to recover but i am weak like i stated.

How you say your grandmother had them....strokes are another inherited issue and my dad and sister's and brother's have all had strokes, here's another link on inherited TIA strokes.


Your asking my opinion and i've seen the video on your illnesses as you went through great detail about them...yes i'd say 80% you've had one but just make sure your in some where tomorrow.

Love you also mate. xxxx

Hi Julie,

What did i say mate...now if it happens again and i hope to god it does'nt ring 911 because it would hurt me to hear you ended up like me for 4yrs unable to move at all.


Hi Julie,

They did'nt tell me about any readings, just the report the emergency doctor told them and asked me again what happened and went by my history of having previous, so i'd had another and they are frightening julie.

I'm on asprin to keep my blood thinned and hematologist's are good, if i did'nt see my rheumo i saw the hematologist instead at my other appointments.

Well i hope you do mate and i hope there's not a next time because you've been through enough already as it is.

Hugs to you my special friend Love RR. lol xxxxx