Cooking tips

I love to cook so I get a little bummed when I'm in too much pain to do so. I thought we could share some of our favorite cooking tips.

I have to say, I could not live without my crockpot. Especially on the really painful days. Just to be able to toss everything in, set it, and forget it (sort of).

Also, I break down my prep over time. If I can't stand in the kitchen for long, I sit in the livingroom with my cutting board and a couple bowls to do my food prep (for veggies anyway, meat stays in the kitchen).

Another favorite tip I learned was to make use of the salad bar at the supermarket for precut veggies. When you only need a little celery or peppers, why buy the whole thing, if you aren't going to use it all?

Anyone else have any other tips to share?


I just moved up to Alaska last year, so I haven't joined any CSAs yet. Groceries are crazy expensive here. I would love to join one though. I've heard nothing but good things about them.


i like the salad bar that i can add that it helps to have a really sharp knife...l00l my son and daughter in law gave me a knife set for my birthday and i didn't think it would change the way i cook, but it did! I am a lot more likely to cut up fresh veggies now that it so easy.

Janice, Tell me about it. I have a ceramic utility knife for almost all my cutting! I highly recommend the ceramic knives!


Anchorage. I don't go out much because of the sun so I take a lot of Vitamin D supplements. But other than the long days, it's not bad up here. Winters were worse in NYC Metro area (more bitter winds and dampness).


Ann A. said:

The service I use is not really a CSA. I live by myself and this year I am not up to cooking and freezing, so even the smallest CSA share would mean a lot food going to waste. With this service I can have the food come one week and not the next.

Wow Alaska- I am a tad obsessed with vitamin D (it is the topic of an MS thesis that I am writing). So how far north are you in Alaska. I am always looking up latitudes to figure out what months of the year people can make vitamin D

Hi Shu,

I can't get involved in this issue my husband does all the

I hope you enjoy the replys you get.

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