Coca cola?

ok, so this is probably going to sound like the most hair-brained crazy question ever :)

But can drinking Coke cause a flare? I used to love coke! Never drank it very much, but on occasion it would just hit the spot :) But after awhile I started noticing I would feel pretty achy afterwards. Last time I had any, all I had was 2 SIPS and within a couple hours I hurt so bad I had to go lay in bed ... I felt like I was hit by a Mac truck. :( I always assumed I had just developed some weird allergy to it.

I don't know for sure if I have lupus ... had a few tests done that were inconclusive. Lots of symptoms, though.

I drink a lot of coke and have had no such reaction. Everyone's genetic makeup is unique, however, so it might be a trigger for you. I would ask your doctor.

Thomas Franklin

Unfortunately Coke has a lot of unhealthy chemicals … So I would say yes it certainly can cause a reaction in our body. I enjoy it as well now and again.

I drink Coke Zero and it has never bothered me. I am not a doctor so I can't say. Maybe the sugar did something to you?

As mentioned previously, everyone is different. I have found that I experience more flare symptoms if I consume a lot of sugary foods. I also do much better when I follow a low carb diet. Coke does contain a large amount of sugar, so may be that is what your body is reacting to?

Somewhere on fb today there was a report question if drinking soda would shorten lifespans. All I know is that I feel much better when I drink water, tea or coffee. I would imagine that someone with lupus or other autoimmune diseases would be very sensitive to chemicals. So I think you might be on to something, but I'm not a dr, sure wish I was, lol.

Totally true for me. Don’t know if it’s lupus or the fibromyalgia. I assume fibro. I noticed that also and stopped drinking coke and Pepsi. The aches stopped by a lot. I Love Pepsi so there r times I will have one and sure enough the aches start again. Constantly kicking it again. Lol but yes it’s true. Doesn’t cure the aches but certainly adds greatly to it. I drink seltzer water with lemon now

I have a friend with fibro who swears that a lot of her pain went when she quit drinking diet coke.

Yes for me! Sugar and caffein do it to me every time…I get all achy and my glands swell. Gotta say good bye to it. :slight_smile:

It may be some type of allergic reaction. Msg does the same thing to me. My doctor says immune disease can cause the body to go crazy causing allergic reaction. I would skip cola. Read all you can from medical sites about your symptoms. Then make a list of symptoms. Find a doctor that will listen
good luck

Sugar causes extra pain for me and for a lot of lupies, so the sugar in coke, as well as phosphate and other chemicals, can cause inflammation.

You might also notice besides soda, any sugar, red meat, wheat can cause problems

I was just recently diagnosis a diabetic along with having Lupus and kidney disease. the sugar is no good for me. I drink Sprite zero, PowerAde zero and plenty of water.

I drink coke when I’m nauseated and it does wonders for me. Lol. I’m not consuming it every day though. I have not noticed it making the lupus any worse though.

yabby Thomas makes a good point, since Lupus symptoms are so unique to each person I would ask for an allergy test or at least speak to your doctor about it. I loved soda as a child since it was a treat and not an often occurrence but I find as I have gotten older (51) and on so many meds that it cause me stomach upset so I really avoid it now. Good Luck God Bless Julie

LupusRRJ said:

I was just recently diagnosis a diabetic along with having Lupus and kidney disease. the sugar is no good for me. I drink Sprite zero, PowerAde zero and plenty of water.

I was also able to drink soda but now i get a flare if i do drink i think it has to do with the sodium

I feel very confident in saying, no. A couple of sips of coke cannot cause that drastic a reaction unless it is an allergic reaction. If you are not used to caffeine, that may have caused you to feel amped, then a drop when it wore off? I have never noticed a difference in my pain with or without sugar, caffeine, etc.

Yes it can cause a flare due mostly to excessive sugar. The bad thing is diet soda is worse because the aspertame used as sweetener causes inflammation. Have soda on special occasions and follow with lots of water.

Yes it does it to my body as we speak,I LOVE tea and had to step off I was craving for a gingerale and after drinking it I ache all over ,yes all our bodies are different but some of us do experience the same thing.SUGAR I try to watch my body after I eat or drink anything with sugar and I watch my labels when purchasing my food flushing out with is good for you.