Clearvite liver cleanse?

Anyone done the 21 day Clearvite liver cleanse? My chiropractor started me on it 6 days ago. These past 2 days have been AWFUL. I feel like I have one of the worst hangovers. I have a constant headache. I am even more fatigued than usual. My bowel movements are disgusting. I’m just trying to find someone else with an autoimmune disease who has tried this. I looked around online, but all I found was ads. Anyway, praying there is light at the end of this tunnel. I felt bad enough before.

Are you planning on persisting with the cleanse? I would suggest you check in with your gp, too, as this doesn't sound great for you...

I know… You know how it is. When you’ve been sick for so long, you’ll try just about anything. Chiropractor says days 8-14 you start to feel better. I’m trying to hang in there.

Just remember chiropractors are not doctors. They have never gone to medical school ever. Not one day. In addition, for anybody cleanses are not healthy. I would never upset our system like that being so unbalanced to start with. I would get some probiotics and quit immediately.

Please see a rheumatologist and I think you should stop the cleanse immediately. Good luck and prayers are with you

Please call your doctor at once. My chiropractor suggested this for me, my regular doctor and rheumatologist both were absolutely against it. Along with the nutritional concerns there was also the worry over how this would effect my meds.

I've always heard that people with Auto-immune diseases should never go on cleanses. So I think you should talk to your dr, and/or do some research into it. Good luck. Feel better

Sounds like you're dehydrated. Purging your body like this can cause you to become very ill. Drink a lotta water and fresh apple juice until you figure out what you're gonna do. Severe dehydration can damage the liver.

I've heard of cleanses using wholesome organic foods.

Oh my. Please stop this regime.

You got to hold on.

I think it was dehydration. I just couldn’t get enough water in no matter how much I drank. I guess I just don’t understand why a chiropractor, who has my long list of meds, would give me something that could harm me. Maybe I’m just naive. I think I just needed to hear what you all thought. Sometimes you need a sounding board. Especially when dealing day in and day out with this illness.

I checked on cleanses too. They are very bad for people with autoimmune diseases. My accupuncturist kept telling me to go on one, but all my doctors said no. They also tell you that on the Lupus site I think. You can cleanse your body by just eating clean foods. Please stop the cleanse you are on now!!

Don’t forget that chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other outside the box people we can try are not doctors. They never went to medical school. They don’t have an understanding of all the systems in the body, how they work and relate like doctors do. They aren’t trained in any way similar to doctors. They are trained only in their area. A chiropractor calls himself a doctor which is very misleading. They have a doctorate in chiropractics which is from a school that usually offers only chiropractics, not a university. You wouldn’t go to a dr of English to get medical advice. Be very careful with lupus and how it is treated. I am an RN and have seen too much!