Cellcept and symptoms

I just started on cellcept. At my last rhemy visit my doctor changed me over to cellcept and places me on a higher dose of prednisone to combat my flare. I wanted to know if anyone had positive or negative feed back about the drug. Also, what side effects did you get from it or find to be increased due to it?

I am very concerned with my lungs. The pain I had in my back was very bad, but has subsided with the upped prednisone. The doc said she didn’t see evidence of it being my kidneys, but thinks its my lungs. She has been very focused there and wants me to get a second CT scan soon. The pressure, shortness of breath, and pain is difficult. It has caused me a huge amount of dizziness too. The higher the humidity, the worse it gets. I can’t even wear my bra for long with out problems. I think the massive shaking I have been having is a prednisone side effect. But my mouth is more dry than before. Is that from cellcept? My throat feels like its closing up and I can barely breath or sleep. In the day the pain in my lungs and trouble breathing worries me. At night it’s pain in my neck and eyes that keeps me from sleeping. I can’t win. I guess I just want to know if this is normalish for lupus or if this is pulmonary effusion… Or what. Help. My doc runs test, and I know it’s a process, and that it takes mo tests to figure what is what. I just want to hear from you guys what you know from your own experiences. I feel like a hypochondriac some times. Ug! Please help.

I take cellcept and feel that I am very close to remission as a result. It took awhile to kick in, but I have significantly less joint pain and sick time than before. Side effects include nausea and hair loss (I have both) but are very manageable. Good luck!

Hello Mindy,

I can't help you regarding the cellcept but other members will in due course but what your experiencing with your lungs and also humidity, you need to be seeing someone ASAP.

I have COPD lung disease and the pains terrible besides breathlessness, then swelling with my lungs off the Lupus and on top in the past i've had pleurisy and pneumonia several times and the issues your having need urgent attention.

Love & kisses Terri :)