At the end of my rope!

What a month!!!!!!!!! I have not been able to eat food for a month now and I just keep loosing weight and feeling horrid! Im lucky to get a few bites or a banana down. I am now trying fruit baby food trying to get something in me. I had an EGD done to check things out and see if my ulcers were back. All it showed was inflammation. So now they want to do a colonoscopy. UGH!!!! when will it ever end!!!!! I am just so tired worn out and confused! I see my PCP tomorrow to see what he says. I dont know how much longer I can do this!

good luck tomorrow.hopefully you start feeling better and eating.i know how you feel i would rather be told what i have that second then them dragging it out and not knowing.i know it gets to be to much sometimes ive cried for days from the desperation but were all in this together!and im here if you ever need to talk(:

I’m so sorry, I had to live on ensure at one point because of IBS and inflammation, so I can sympathise with the not being able to eat. I lost 20 pounds when it hit me. Good luck.

I hope this passes quickly. Juicing helped when I could not eat . Lots of water if possible. Gatorade helped a lot as well. Oddly or not ?? Potato chips helped me to drink more.

Wow. It is a rough month! Hopefully soon they will give you some relief. Not sure what is happening with you but for me with IBS also I was unable to keep anything down. I tried probiotics and permanently cured me. Maybe it will help a little. I used renew life because the bacteria is guaranteed to stay on shelf alive but any good one you research like that is fine.

Wow, I use probiotics as well. Mine have to stay refrigerated. I haven’t had an IBS flare in years and I swear it’s because of the probiotics. I also found that tea tree oil wipes out thrush and yeast infections far faster than monistat etc… I just put a few drops on my toothbrush when I brush my teeth and thrush is gone in two days! It’s amazing how much better natural remedies work than the drugs. Just don’t swallow tea tree oil as it’s toxic in higher amounts…lol

Lupie said:
Wow. It is a rough month! Hopefully soon they will give you some relief. Not sure what is happening with you but for me with IBS also I was unable to keep anything down. I tried probiotics and permanently cured me. Maybe it will help a little. I used renew life because the bacteria is guaranteed to stay on shelf alive but any good one you research like that is fine.

This site is amazing. Since November I had all types of stomach and digestive issues initially my POP thought it may be ulcers then IBS but when I informed him it felt like acid burning my stomach and I swear it.felt like liquid and also it made noises I know it sounds crazy what can I tell you. This is what I did I researched every digestive disorder and took something from each. I had no appi t ie which scared me to death I also lost a whole lot of weight due to the inability to eat and also the stress of not knowing how it would affect my stomach and my ability to go to the bathroom. Anti Depp resents increased my appitie. I found out that rice and glutin free products also helped. I don’t eat foods which cause gas and high fiber diet is a must and last but not least PROBIOTICS. I also am lactose fee and 30 mg of Pevicide. Hope it helps

Im with you girl! I recently got over five weeks of the flu…now I’m
sick again…sick of being sick! It is always something with us. Aren’t the docs extra worried since you cant eat for so long?

Also may I suggest, dexilant in the morning…it works wonders on soothing the tummy.

There are foods that are easy to swallow plus digest besides Ensure. Ensure use to be by prescription years ago as we know it is otc.

my brother had issues all his life with ability to swallow food plus keep it down. So for years he had to have at least one can of something like ensure daily....and it tasted pretty nasty back then. They have improved but you really need to find cause. Many things are very easy to fix so hopefully you have a easy problem they can fix.

The fact you can get a Banana down actually sounds encouraging! Baby food really is not great idea as you need caloric value for adult so your doctor can either ask you to get something like Ensure or prescribe on of the stronger ones. I also have inflammation in my stomach, so i understand how eating some foods that were okay last week now are making you feel just awful all over and eating anything but very bland foods is out of the question and often even those cannot stay down.

They should also explain about drinking sports drinks to keep your electrolytes in okay levels as can make your own if you do not want sweeteners or pedialyte is also option. Mix it with some fruit juice etc..and okay. I find it best to buy powdered sport drinks and just make them so have bit of taste once i get bored with water. Or like said, you can make your own. I also like smoothies which you can make entire meal if you know what to add. So might consider getting a juicer or vitamix.

But your doctor should be supplying you if you are already thin and losing weight even if just few lbs per week. If you have some weight to lose than from my understanding, you still must eat but losing a few lbs is okay...just you want to get healthy basics in you. Good luck....hope they take it seriously!!

Thank you all so much for the great information!!!! I searched what fruits are good to sooth the stomach and stocked up on fruit baby food. As cracy as it sounds sweet stuff and super salty foods really upset me so I have to stick to really bland foods.I have lost 12 pounds in 4 wks. My PCP was really concerned today and is going to try protoncics to see if it will help. He is thinking its the prednisone. So I see him in a week to see how everything is going and if the protonics didnt work they are going to try and get me off the prednisone faster. Its just a never ending road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now my best friends dad is in ICU and not expected to make it. So my heart is breaking and grieving for her and the family. He was like a dad to me, since my dad passed away 12 yrs ago. he treated me like one of his own, and had such a great sense of humor! so with all that and school my stress level is rising! which is not helping one bit! I have also been in a really down mood and crying over every little thing!!! Thankfully I have a friend coming this weekend to be my "care giver"! I need some good laughs and stress reliever.

II'm sorry you are not feeing well and are confused. One day at a time.. If you have never had a colonoscopy done it's not a big deal. The worst thing is the prep the day before. They can put you to sleep and you don't feel a thing. When you awake you aren't in any pain. Hang in there



It's freightliner again. I had diahrea for 6 months and then was put on probiotics. It's a miracle drug. Three days after I starting taking it the diahres stopped and I have'nt had any in 5 months. I take VSL # 3. It is an over the counter but it needs to be refrigerated.l I don't think it would hurt you.


Cindy, I know exactly! I go to one of the best Rheumatologists in the country. He was surprised how the IBS cleared with probiotics. He heard something about it but I told him to start telling his patients because it was a miracle. I suffered about two years of not being able to leave my house after eating or rushing home from a restauarant. Kept me at home most hours of the day. For me, one day of probiotics and I was cured. What’s annoying is not many people know this and continue to suffer when the solution is so simple. They try all kinds of drugs etc that don’t work. More drs need to encourage their patients to try it. So glad it worked for you!!