Article on hair loss

I started using a shampoo bar from Lush cosmetics called New, and have noticed less hair in the drain after shampooing

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been struggling with major hair loss maybe this could help me.

You’re not kidding about hair loss! It’s crazy the amount of hair that I have lost over the years! Where can I find this Lush Cosmetic New product? I’ll try anything at this point! Thank you for the post on this subject!

Love the post!! I have been using a concoction made by my beautiful and yet cosmetically inclined 16 year old daughter. She used Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, drops of peppermint, not the best smelling, but it feels great and my hair is becoming full again!!!

Lush cosmetics have very few stores, but you can order online. Precious, I would like to try your recipe too. Do you use it as a conditioner?