Article on Celiac Disease or allergy to Gluten

Link Below: Very good article

After reading this I'm trying a Gluten Free Diet, I know it won't be easy but its worth a try!

Thanks for posting this, JC!

It’s so true that gluten can cause a lot of problems…what I didn’t actually realize until fairly recently is that humans have only had agriculture for about 10,000 years, which is a very short time compared to our actual history here on Earth. Depending on exactly where your ancestors lived, it might be much less than 10,000 years. Our bodies really aren’t designed to eat ANY grains (not even gluten free grains like rice and corn).

We are apparently much healthier when we just eat like the “hunter-gatherers” eat, like primitives who don’t farm. Their diet consists of wild fruits like berries, other edible wild plants, including root veggies, and fish, eggs, nuts, meat, etc. All of this is naturally gluten free, which is the beauty of this type of diet (sometimes called the Paleo diet or Primal diet).

I’m trying to eat this way as much as possible…I collect and post a lot of gluten free recipes on my blogs ( and plus I follow great gluten free, grain free blogs such as Elana’s Pantry and Primal Wisdom.

There is a wonderful primer on exactly how to go gluten free on a blog called Karina’s Kitchen; it’s extremely helpful! Here is the link:…

Good luck with your gluten free diet! I know it’s not easy, but it’s worth it! I managed to get rid of my migraines and “IBS” by going gluten free in 2008.

John "JC" Colyer said:
Thanks JoAnn, I'm gonna take it day by day, when I need advice I know who to go too :)

Feel free to ask questions! And Stacie knows a lot about being gluten free, too!

good eye opener

I just came across your discussion and found it very interesting. I have heard bits and pieces about gluten it can aggravate or cause IBS and migraines?

Yes, I was first diagnosed with IBS more than 30 years ago. I also suffered from severe migraine headaches. I didn't find out that I had a gluten problem until 2008. After I went gluten free my gastric issues resolved and my migraines have almost disappeared. So clearly my "IBS" was either celiac disease or non-celiac gluten intolerance. My gastroenterologist diagnosed celiac disease because I have one of the primary celiac genetic markers (HLA DQ8) plus a positive response to a gluten free diet.

In fact, the first symptom that tells me I've been accidentally "glutened" is a migraine headache, followed by diarrhea, stomach cramps, and severe fatigue. For me the symptoms start 12 - 72 hours after the incident, although some people react much more quickly.

Very interesting. I have some co workers who have both migraines and IBS and I will share it with them. Thank you!!!


I went G-F 2 years ago...or should I say gluten limited. I don't intentionally ingest anything with gluten but have found tiny amounts (cross contamination) to be bearable. The great news so many new products. Also, easy to buy in bulk from Bob's Red Mill which even include recipes.

Although giving up the glumen may help with weight, it is more easily digestive then gluten which may make you more hungry. I always keep trail mix and nuts for fiber, vitamins and essential minerals.

I originally started the g-f site because I found the lifestyle so much easier on my stomach due to harsh chemicals in my meds.

I wish everyone luck and patience if you try it.

To good health.

I have found the the ketogenic diet (which cuts out gluten entirely if you keep to a strict diet) works really well for migraines and those that suffer from seizures. The diet was first introduced to help children with epilepsy but is being used more and more with in the community of health nuts. The diet focuses on eating a high fat (healthy animal fats and vegetable fats), balanced protein (most Americans eat 2x the amount of protein they should in one day), low to no carbohydrates.

The idea that the majority of our calories should come from carbohydrates is insane. Carbohydrates are digested straight into SUGAR which completely throws off our bodies homeostasis and is a leading contributor to migraines. The FDA recommends 6-11 servings of breads, pastas, and etc carbohydrates which turns into between 1.5 and 2 cups of sugar. We may as well take out our table sugar, measure out 2 cups and just eat it. That's all our bodies are getting anyways.

The only negative side effect I have had from eating this way is I lose weight, which to be honest is not a terrible thing. I have done HOURS of research to make sure I won't harm myself with high cholesterol levels and even had my lipid levels checked and to be honest, my HDL was in the 80s, LDL in the 40s, VLDL was 2, and my Triglycerides were around 50ish. My ratio was better than normal and if I had heart disease my blood work said that my body would be healing itself.

Thank you for posting this. I’ve stumbled on a possible connection between my lupus & gluten so I’ve just started trying gluten free diet. It actually seems to be helping. Most nights I can sleep without pain mess. That is a very welcome benefit.