Anybody else have trouble with the GI system?

I totally believe that Lupus is destroying my GI system. Last Set I was diagnosed with H pylori. I just had my recheck yesterday. He found more polyps. So he is doing 2 biopsy. I am sure it will be nothing. But I only recently have known that I have Lupus. But I have been sick since I was 19 and nobody has found it till now. I am 47 years old. At 19 I had my gall bladder out. Cause it was mangled. I had a full hysterectomy due to precancerous cells. A shoulder surgery cause of a torn rotary. A hyrena repair. H pylori. I feel like I am falling apart. And like the rest of you. I want a new body. I do not like the one I live in. LOL Anybody else have trouble in the inside and think its the lupus? Take care Karen

I have had a lot of trouble with gi stuff and after a scary case of bleeding i ghad to be scoped. my first clue as to what helped me was that it was only during the prep--the time when i had absoluetly nothinf in my system was the only time i felt decent. i felt pretty good actually.

anyway, the doc told me that i needed to stop eating dairy and i did it to help stop the bleeding--which it did. but the surprise was that once i gave up dairy my lupus pain was like 80% better! I had been using a walker or crutches, but now i can walk (not =far) without support and I don't have to take pain meds either.

I also had to give up gluten. I don't know if this is true for anyone else, but i just can't get over how much better i feel now.

and btw I love the color of blue you all have on in your pics! Those are great.

Thank you. The wedding was very casual and we did it in Blue and had no idea what kind of blue every one was wearing and we matched so well. It worked out. I never thought of dairy being trouble. I love my cheese. Does the DR say what Dairy does to the system? Take care Karen

Yes, he said that only about 5 percent of people have the enzymes needed to digest it---most mammals (he says) only drink their mother's milk and they stop at a certain age. He said it is not unusual for people to intolerant of dairy--he said it is more probable, more normal to be intolerant,

nice to talk with you, Karen :)

I have always had GI irritation to a certain degree, the physicians would give me a generic explanation like irritable bowel syndrome, or simple GI upset. As of late it has been bothering me alot more, I was wondering if it could be due to my auto immune condition. I don’t usually eat dairy but my diet as a whole could use some improvement, I will bring it up with my rheumatologist and give that gluten free diet a try. Thanks for the info Janice.

if you do try it let me know bc i was as surprised as anybody that it helped with my lupus pain as much as the curious, huh..