Any connection between fatigue,pain and PINK EYE?

Good Morning,

Today I woke up stiff all over (which hasn't been a problem for a while now), feeling very fatigued, back hurting really bad and of all things, pink eye! At least I think its pink eye. My eye is red and swollen but no "gook" coming out of it. It wasn't "glued" together this morning either. I figure those things will happen by tomorrow. I wonder if there's some link between how rotten I feel today and this pink eye? Anybody have any ideas?


Since I have begun being treated as if I have RA, I've done some research into it. I've had a LOT of eye problems through my life, of many different kinds, including repeated episodes of what appeared to be pink eye, but wasn't. I found out that it probably was iritis, and that it caused a great deal of damage to my irises, including the result of having to have one of my lenses removed to prevent blindness. My understanding thus far is that the complaints of RA are pretty identical to some of the complaints for Lupus. As such, I STRONGLY recommend you make an ophthalmologist appointment, if possible. Iritis is nothing to mess around with.

Hi dont worry straight away… the swelling of your eye could be due to infection which has started up your immune system reaulting in your flare up of symptoms (fatigue etc). I always tend to think of the worse possible scenario and it’s definitely not the best thing to do as it just makes you feel down and therefore you feel even worse.


Thanks everyone. I did call my rheumie and he put me on a 5 day round of prednisone, since he believes its the start of yet another flare. Yuk! While I'm not yet running to the dr for my eye, I will continue to watch it.

The last time I had red eyes that hurt so bad for a week, when I finally went to the eye dr. he told me that the pressure was high in my eyes and it was caused by the high dose of steroids I was on at the time. If you are presently using Plaquenil that alone is a big contributing factor to eye problems. Since then I was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma. I think you definitely need to check with the eye specialist as soon as possible.

Hi Rosie,

I just went through what you are going through now the nasty Lupus stuff with pink eye. I went to the doc and she gave me some eye drops and it took it about 7 days for the Pink Eye.

Today my eye is less swollen and the redness is just about gone. Could this business have been caused by the fact that my symptoms are flaring? Maybe

For me, growing up, the 'pink eye' problems rarely lasted longer than a day or two, then they would fade away again. I really wish I had more solid answers for you about my own experiences, but most of it is in far hindsight, so my conclusions are unreliable. Even so, it wouldn't hurt to tell both your rheumy as well as your ophthalmologist about the episode. The more info they have, the better they can help.

Of is inflammation of your eye. Anytime your body gets sick it can make the rest of you not feel well. Just try and take it easy...warm cloth in the am on your eyes before you open them should help with them sticking.

Soon it will be over...good thing it does not last too long.

Also check for fever...if you get above 100' call your doctor...infection is not improving as it should. Or something else has started in on you.

hope you feel better by time you read this!!

I've had the same thing...actually going on right now...woke up with it the day after Back-to-School Night...long day! But mine is probably just a recurrence of blepharitis. Warm compresses twice a day usually help. This time my eye is really lots of eye drops (Systane). Hope yours is better by now! :/