My rheumatologist told me that I cannot have the TITER test as it will not work with people like me who have ANA's too high for the titer to work due to immune complexing issues.

So I have an ANA PANEL which I attached here. It breaks down all 8 possible autoantibodies in the blood and the amount of them is what gives rheumies the "direction" to look in for our connective tissue to take, ex: lupus nephritis or SLE or MCTD. It's just a pointer for them but to have a positive double stranded ANA positive and a smith antibody ANA usually means SLE.

You can see from my labs, that is what mine looks like.

This is one of the thorns in my side, the other being that I have very high WBC's, low RBC's (anemia) BUT NORMAL SED RATE AND NORMAL COMPLEMENTS and these things are keeping me from being properly treated, IMO.

I'm interested in YOUR OPINIONS. Thanks so much, HUGS, Julie

ps see the attached labs and THIS IS WHY my rheumie said if he treated me with infusions of Benlysta or chemo drugs he would be THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE HOSPITAL.

I don't get it. PLEASE HELP ME>

Hi Julie,

I saw the first copy ok mate, knock the other on the head you need spec's besides a magnifying glass to see it

All you tests are high and you've got A1 Diseases overlapping Autoimmune like myself and you can have a "Titer" test down with an high ANA as they did one for me it detects how much Lupus is in the blood stream because of the reading of your ANA being high and mine was high besides my ANA/ that's rubbish mate.

Julie this is my honest opinion they can work around it treating you and keeping a regular check on you because as you know anaemia is bad alone, have you thought that they don't want to risk messing.

I had all this with my first rheumo, oh he loved diagnosing but come to treatment would'nt touch me.

Loads of love mate Terri xxxx

I could not see were the labs were attached. I would have loved to see that! Anyways, I wish u could come here and see Dr. Clowes. She is amazing!!! She has done so much for me In this smal period of time. Getting bood work done with Lupus is such a pain in the but! You never know what’s gonna show and what doesn’t and still if or if some stuff doesn’t show… That still doesn’t mean or means u have symptoms… So freaking weird. I’m so sorry u have this problem. Why don’t u call the LFA and see I’d they have any doctors they recommend in your area?

Hi Julie,

The first one shows ok, so no need to do a link....i did'nt need to zoom in it was fine.

Nice news your seeing a rheumo in August same goes for me, i added a thread for you and other's who wanted to know how things went mate.

He can do either Julie or do both together, they're seperate when took and it was my dermo who had these done and then the referal went to the rheumo who was rubbish but through the ANA and titer being high that's when the dermo asked me if i had siblings to get them tested and kim bloods came high the same as mine.

Dow be nervous and hopefully this man or lady can help you dow half get some stubborn ones at times and it makes me wonder what are they in the field of work for.

Well these on the message you've just gave can't see them one

Julie i've just looked again and i'm not getting the option for making them bigger, oh i could if i saved them to my documents in my pc and zoom in but i'm not doing that mate as they're your personal doc's.

Well how you tried with methotrexate i tried with mine and it was a no go situation....they won't give it you because methotrexate causes organ damage and you having SLE the same as me they don't like doing it if they stubborn.

Well it's had it's good side for me also meeting a 2nd family and such close friends as you've became.

Love you loads mate also. xxx

thanks julie this is very helpful

Julie you do make me laugh RR...YOU GET WORSE.

Love you to. xxx

jujubeee said:

Terri (double R) lol,

WHERE is that THREAD you said to check out? HELP HELP HELP

Love Ya, Julie