Almost normal blood work

For the first time ever I have a negative Ana and almost normal bloodwork except for unreadable vitamin d. I am continuing the Benlysta as that is the only thing I have added this past couple months that could have given me this change in my labs. We are switching to injectable methotrexate from pills to give my stomach a break and will wean my pred down. I am encouraged by my bloodwork but a little scared to wean the pred although my weight could use the break. We will just have to see how it goes, she even has me coming back in 3 months instead of 6 weeks since my bloodwork looks good. Unless of course I feel like a flare is coming on. We will see how this goes I have never had a negative Ana before I even asked her if that meant I was in remission she just laughed and ordered more bloodwork, a visit to a cardiologist for the chest pain that sent me to the ER and a trip to the neurologist because I haven’t been lately and am still having the neuropathy. Guess that all means I am not that lucky yet but someday I hope.

Hi Heather, this does sound like more positive news. It is just a constant battle I guess, but kudos to you!

Did you read the post about the chest pain that many of us have? Many of us have gone to the cardiologist and pulminary doctors and the tests were negative. You have to go and rule out the heart and lungs first. Many were diagnosed with costochonditis an inflammation of the cartilage in your chest. Last night I learned that my 28 year old daughter-in-law was just diagnosed with that, she also has diabetes.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Thank you I did read those she mentioned that and also having the sac of the heart inflamed because my X-rays looked a little different than the last ones so I guess better to be safe. Thank you for your reply after reading all the posts about that I feel like it is probably that and I think steroids and time was what I read gets rid of it. My inflammation factors were still elevated so that would make sense

Hope you feel better soon. You are too young to feel so bad.

Hugs to you!

Hi Heather, I don't know if this will help or not. I started having Lupus symptoms in 1976. I am now 72.

I am not recommending what I did ...but I believed in it and it worked for me. I decided that the autoimmune disease was from toxins so why add meds to the mix for my body to deal with. I started flax seed (I fully described in prior post how to use it.) My flares always started with a GI problem so now I take probiotics some of the time. I started eliminating a few more things each year. So now that I am older I pretty much go almost five years between flares. I have learned to avoid quite a few things like the sun, hot tubs, liquor, stress, sugar, and reduced gluten.

I do Tai Chi and dance. Finding something to do is important to clear toxins out of your body. I also have Reiki done and Chiropractic care. Massage about once a month and I ask for lymph clearing technique.

My blood work is now normal except for Vi D. I take only HB pressure meds and vitamins. Thyroid small amt.

I took prednisone last flare.

I have heard that having a root canal can cause autoimmune disease...because anaerobic bacteria get into the canal

and cause the immune system to go hair wire.

Never give up is possible for the body to heal. I recommend checking some of Dr. Bernard Jensen's books...he was a true master. Just work on one thing at a time then you will know if it seems to help. Dee

Where is your doctor and is she involved in research?