8yr plan cut down to 2

My hubby was diagnosed with lupus jan 2012. He started on 3grams of Cellcept daily and after a year we moved slowly down to 1gram. He nephrologist told him he was on an 8 yr treatment plan. Today he was told he would be taken off Cellcept by next month because he’s had clear labs for the last 6 months. Really worried the dr is “pulling the plug” on his treatment too soon. Why make an 8yr plan and then stop at 2?..

Just worried…we all know how fast flare ups can happen

Your doctor was preparing you for the worst (8yrs knowing it could be a lifetime) and expecting the best (most are not so lucky). Sounds like your hubby is in remission...

the least drugs the better. I have been living with this since 1976. I rarely take meds because of the side effects. I have some meds so I can start them as soon as I get a flare up...last time 5 years of grace between flare up.

The drugs ALL have side effects and can do damage to liver and kidneys. If you read these posts the people taking the meds are the ones having the most problems...many NOT from the Lupus but the side effects of the drugs. Unfortunately, many folks are more ill and see no choice but to take the meds...or do what ever they can for the hope of having a good day.

You two should be celebrating and hubby should avoid stress and alcohol to stay in remission. God bless and be well!

Your husband is very lucky that he is able to stop Cellcept!! I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis when I was 18 and I will be 30 in August. I haven't been completely off of Cellcept since day one. My doctor has tried numerous times to wean me off but everytime he tries I flare up. I'm currently on 1,000mg in the morning and 1,000mg at night. I can't wait for the day to be completely off all my meds, but I don't see that ever coming! I just live in the moment and as best I can.