1,000 Gifts

A distant college friend mentioned that she recently started a book called, "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are." I personally have not read the book yet, but found the concept of the book to be very intriguing. It is about taking the time to recognize and express gratitude for the many gifts in our lives despite tragic, life-altering challenges. For example, finding a support network (community) from this site could make my list of "gifts." Gifts can be large, or the mundane things we often overlook and take for granted.

For me, Lupus has brought much pain, grief, frustration & isolation to my life. None of my friends can possibly understand my symptoms, the fatigue...and I wouldn't wish my illness on my worst enemies. On top of the seemingly dozen other things wrong, my infertility kicked in two years ago and I thought "Really?! How much can one person handle?!" I had one of those moments where I felt as if I were being broken. Life seemed very cruel & I generally began to feel sadness creep into my life. Her talk of this book reminded me that I indeed have much to rejoice and be grateful for. Sure, there are bad days when it becomes more difficult to see the gifts; but maybe if in those rough moments, I look at my list, I can be reminded of all the personal good (the gifts) in my life and snap out of my pity party.

Don't get me wrong, the pity party can be very well deserved at times. It's just not that productive for me. I hope that positivity will get me much further along. I only just started my list this evening & I've already got 166 items and counting. The ideas are flowing. Life could always be worse & I've got much to be thankful for, my friends :)

Prayers for each & every one of you out there!! God Bless!!

the book sounds like one i would really like

i am looking forward to reading it and to getting to know you better.

Likewise =)

Infertility is a heartache to which I relate very personally, but like you, I've learned to trreasure what I've got rather than what I'd like, and spoil my puppies mercilessly. Gratitude lists are a great reminder of our blessings. MIght be time for me to start a new one, as I've been feeling a bad moon rising for a few weeks now. Thanks, Carey. So nice to have you joining the discussions. pax & no pain, pj