Has anyone tried a Vegan diet for the Lupus?

I watched a documentary on Netflicks Forks over Knives. They were talking about being vegan and showing scientific facts about how it is better for you and I didn't think much of it till they said a word that stood out.

They talked about autoimmune diseases and eating an anti-inflammatory diet will help people like me. I did more research and everything says no meat, dairy, or soy. I was angry at first because I love meat and cheese! First the Lupus and now you are taking away the foods I love!? My mother asked me to try it and I did for her.

It's been 2 weeks about and I have lost 4 pounds and I have energy. It's strange! LOL I have always been tired from the Lupus and I finally feel awake! I also have PCOS and I gain weight so fast it's not even funny and for me to loose weight is a miracle! I eat what I want as long as it's plant based and I am always full.

I know it's hard for some people but I decided to do whatever I need to do to get better. If I have to drink Yak's pee I'll do it if it will help me feel better lol!

This helped me a lot and wasn't that hard because I saw results so fast. I hope that you all can think about it as well. Please watch the movie and see for yourself and research as much as you want. You could always try to have one day of being vegan and see how it is. You don't have to eat weird food. Just make normal meals that don't usually contain tons of cheese or whatever.

I just hope that this helps others like it helped me. This Lupus thing is new to me and I am stubborn and a fighter. I won't let it beat me and I am ready to fight!

P.S. I have a copy of the video if anyone wants to see.

Hi Moe,

I am Vegan. I didn't watch that particular video but I've seen King Corn, Food, Inc. etc and others. I wish more people would watch these films. They are truth. I've seen it first hand when I spent time in farm country in the midwest. It's disgusting what is in the meat today and not to mention the cruelty and torture of the animals.

I love vegan diet. I feel so much better, get plenty of protein and never feel hungry.

I have Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens and Chronic Fatigue and the change in the diet to an anti-inflamatory one resulted in the biggest improvement by far than any other thing that I've tried.

My food bill has gone down too, just a bonus. Anyone with autoimmune disease should consider a vegan diet. And definitely watch those films.

Thanks for posting this Moe. It's really important.


I never had much luck with soy. It seems to make me a little sick. I asked my holistic doctor about it and he said if you are going to eat soy at all, make sure it's the fermented kind, like miso, tempeh etc. None of it really agrees with me somehow. So, I listen to my body. Have you read the book "The Autoimmune Epidemic" by Donna Jackson Nakazawa?

Vegan for three years due to my Lupus, and it's been the greatest help. Yeah, I still have flares and bad days, but they are fewer and less severe than they were before. I've recently gone low-gluten and hopefully gluten-free soon, as I have been doing research that it could be helpful for my Behcet's Disease as well. We shall see...