Twitter Chat

Hope everybody is well.

Would any of you be interesting in being a part of a twitter chat? It could be a fun way to learn about other communities on BF, share your experiences with a rare disease, tell your story and gain exposure for BF and all of our amazing communities.

Here are the questions we are thinking about using for the first chat:

1) How did you find BF?
2) How has Ben's Friends and social media improved your life?
3) What rare disease do you have?
4) how long did it take for u get the proper diagnosis?
5) How has your rare disease impacted your life?
6) What could be done better raise awareness for folks w/rare diseases?
7) What advice would you give folks recently diagnosed w/a rare disease?

8) What advice would you give to friends and family members that have a relative or know somebody with a rare disease?

We would use the site for the chat.

I answered as a quiz....
I gave my opinion for every question, and answered one by one with its number.
Is that ok?

i would love too...I will listen and learn

i signed up bt have not gone through the whole process yet.. i decided to take a break amongst i seem to be the rafters, tweetltldee

Sounds like a great opportunity to learn something new (tweeting) as well as to connect with others!

I've never been on twitter it easy enough to pick up? I'm sure my teenagers could do it, me maybe not, haha!!! I'm still learning Facebook!