Stormy Girl 2012

We believe she came to us bred, looks like she will have a calf soon, it will be her 1st time, she is a sweetheart! Her sides are getting awfully round, CAN’T WAIT! :wink:

LOL...Good Story, sounds like a great tme in your childhood! He/the Bull w/ The Bell, ;) didn't bother you did he? I have bulls, they r pretty friendly although I have heard diff. stories too.....Suzie :0)

Very Cool Ann! And YES the Bull's can be a lil' stompy, lol....They protect the herd in a way, that is their job! Afterall the ladies are all their's!! haha......I think ur idea of opening the land up again it would be awesome for the younings! Open Farm Land & Beautiful Memories made on the land are precious! I wouldn't wanna be anywhere but the FARM! Except a Caribbean Cruise would be nice for a week, LOL.....I saw the Royal Carribean commercial when the people answer the sea shell & it is the "SEA" talking, and they show the ship in the BEAUTIFUL WATER, AHHH, would be lovely....BUT, not happening, have too much to take care of here anyway! Afterall my Cows need me , lol....;) Oh & when u do go visit, take some pics for me, I would luv to see their farm! Suzie :0) Xo

Thanks Astrid!! Stormy although very large & intimidating looking, lol, is the sweetest girl....And we def. do believe she is with calf, due, Oh I would say in a month or so, by looking @ her growing belly....;) We act. while feeding last night saw her round large side move from her calf...soooo actually switches from side to side & she looks lop-sided, lol,,my kids were like WOW!!! I have seen many heifers give birth (called freshen) & even assisted in helping a never gets OLD, it is beautiful!!! So natural & amazing, the whole experience!! So I will update w/ progression of her calving.....I am HOPING for another heifer calf, this is her 1st & we got her already bred. So Thanks Again, gotta go feed now, lol.....I am bottlefeeding a calf now too....he is so cute!! He is on my pages' pics, "Bulls-Eye" is his name in the hutch....TTYS! BeWell my friend!! Suzie :0) Xo

I will update u Astrid, Farrming makes me so happy and makes me SMILE :)!! I am going 2 watch idol now…TTYT…happy that Stormy Girl made u SMILE 2!!! :slight_smile: happy 2 share that w you all!!! Suzie Xo :0)

Hi Astrid, I know, we like when the funny ones that are on Idol too......I always said the same thing as u, I wouldn't let someone close to me go on national TV if they were that bad of a singer, and I hope it was vice versa if it was me auditioning or trying to....cause I am a BAD singer, haha..... BUT, I personally think that it is fixed, so that it is more entertaining, I think that they pick a selected few BAD singers to keep it funny!! Years ago, I think they had more of them on the competition in the beginning, esp. when Simon was a judge, he was pretty DIRECT w/ them, esp. the not so good ones, which was hysterical, lol....I do like the new judges however, I do think last season was really good, and I was very pleased with Scotty & Lauren being the bottom 2, cause we are Country Music listeners!! I LOOOVE Country Music, :)......And those 2 are really good, esp. Scotty....cannot wait 2 see what this season holds, cause there are some REALLY Good Ones so far. Tonight they r in Texas.....So I think I'll see a few country bumpkins, lol.....Well, I will def. update u on Stormy....her teats are beginnig to drop, sounds funny, I know, but just using the correct lingo, I have to wait till she begins 2 "bag up" w/ milk, then I KNOW that the calf will be born within a day or so....I will let u know & post pics too.....I cannot wait, it is such an awesome sight!! Ok, well, now that I talked ur ear off, lol....I will TTYL....Have a G'Night & Be Well!! Lots of {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)

No Calf YET! She is BIG Though, LOL.....:0) I WILL DEF...LET U KNOW AS SOON AS THE LiL" 1 arrives...fingers crossed it's a girl, lol... But I do Promise to give u the news ASAP!!!! Thanks Astrid!! {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)

Stormy had a baby bull calf yesterday March 30th, his name is Cha-Cha, my Lil son, named him…lol…Mama and baby are happy and healthy and bonding so perfectly. She is a natural…the birth was amazing, my sons watched it too…what an awesome experience for us all!! Will post pics soon, he is all white w. reddish spots, red ears, muzzle, and she is all blk. , we believe his dad was white…looks so odd to see them together, they are total opposites…anyways, so relieved it is done and all went well!! Now he will grow, grow, grow…lol…Suzie :0)

yeah, she did alllll the work, I was her cheering coach!!! LOL…she did so well, considering she had NO CLUE what the heck was happening?! She mooed a bit, not too much and did it all alone with no assistance, I just ran out when the calf fell out completely to help pull the sac over its head for him to breathe. He was alert right away, and I showed him where to drink from her within 30 min. So he could get the colostrum, which is so vital…they both got the hang of it quite quickly…thank GOD!!! :slight_smile: Nature is amazing and quite beautiful!!! Thanks my friend!!, Suzie Xo