Starting Methotrexate

I wasn’t able to take Cellcept along with my Plaquenil due to side effects. So Dr agreed to let me try another oral med with my Plaquenil…methotrexate for a few months before we start Benlysta. I took my first does of methotrexate today. I ended up sleeping most of the day. Wasn’t sure if I was just that exhausted or if it is the methotrexate. I do work about 10 hours a day M-F with no break and I am very burned out and exhausted but my husband says I have never slept so much on a Saturday.

Did any of you have sleepiness as a side effect when starting methotrexate?

I’ve had sleepiness from several meds, but never took methotrexate. It usually wears off eventually.

Hey … It made me sleepy for about the first week and then my body kinda adjusted too it you could say… It’s helped me out give your body sometime to get used to it I work 12 hr shifts so I can relate to your work habits and us working that many hours alone is very hard for us … Hope all gets better for you ! I’m sure it will! :slight_smile:

I started Methotrexate a few months ago and have had very few side effects. In the beginning I had some fatigue and stomach upset, but now I hardly remember I am on it (even with an increase). It does seen to be helping though! Give it at least a month before you make a decision. What dose are you on?

Yes! it makes me so tired. I have taken it for a year and still have side effects. I take it at night and on a day i have no work the next day because i know i will have to sleep.

When I took methotrexate (only for a couple of weeks) I couldn't get off the couch. Yes, it made my sleepy. I called my rheumatologist and said I couldn't tolerate methotrexate and took myself OFF. I started on Benlysta in November 2014---so far no big change. But, I understand it can take 6 months to a year to see a change. I was on it for three months in 2011, after it first came out, but now they know it takes longer to see improvement. All the best, LupanCatwoman

When I first started Methotrexate I would spent the next day in bed. Each week got better and finally after about 4 weeks I had no side effects at all. Definitely give it a chance!

Thanks everyone. I was on it a several years ago at a higher dose and it didn’t do this. I have to work tomorrow so hope it is better. I am only on 4 (2.5mg) tablets once a week, so a fairly low dose. My Dr says I am still fighting the serositis that began a year and a half ago. Looking for something to work.

Yes totally normal. Every week I take it and am tired and sick to my stomach for a cpl days. Everyone reacts different. It’s considered chemo so it’s very common to make you feel fluish. Goodluck! Hang in there

Been on it for years. Had bowel looseness from it so now take it by injection.

It is a lifesaver since I had a lot of damage done before Orencia and MTX.

Side effects are nothing compared to the damage done by not having the right combo of meds.

Hang in there!

Regards from Rosie