SED Rate >140?

My drs office sent my labs to me today. Most things were ok or not very far from ok but my SED rate is >140 (. But my CRP is normal. When I was in the hospital they were both very high but even then the SED was only in the 50sand my CRP was in the hundreds. I do have pleurisy now and feel horrible but never had that high of a SED. Anyone else?

You have a lot going on and I feel ya. I know that pluerisy is very painful. Hon, try not to sweat the blood tests and have the doctor keep you informed. Try to relax and get better.

My sed rate is always in the 50s to 70s. I'm in a constant "controlled" flare. Last year we tried to let up on some of the meds and I got pneumonia. When I get an infection it soars into the 100s.

However a "sed rate" indicates inflammation that can be "anywhere" in the body. It's the combination and trends of the tests results that the doctor reviews and decides what the results indicate. I give my doctor a grilling every time a test is not in a normal range. Right now all my tests were "my" normal except the double stranded DNA (indicates lupus activity). But, I currently have no symptoms and she gave me some specific symptoms to monitor.

I think my doctor is great, she was professor at Stanford Medical School. She resigned to raise and tend to her family. And, she has a working knowledge of autoimmune in addition to diagnosing the diseases.

All of these tests are online and you can read about them which will help you understand what the results mean. Knowledge is power.

You got to hold on.

what’s a SED rate? (new to all this)

Sed rate (sedimentation rate) is a measure if inflammation and 140 is really really high. I hope they are gonna treat it! In the past I’ve always had prednisone knock it down quickly.

I'd like to look at my labs to see if that one was run ... is it just called a SED rate on the report?

It's also called ESR Wintergreen.

yabby02 said:

I'd like to look at my labs to see if that one was run ... is it just called a SED rate on the report?