No more doubts

I went for a second opinion after my previous dr just closed me down and would not listen. I kept explaining I was hurting worse. He just kept adding more pills and increasing the doses. My new doctor told me today there is no doubt about it. I definitely have lupus. He was completely shocked when he saw everything I was on. He is going to start backing me off the medicines that my previous dr has me on for fibromyalgia slowly to help keep withdrawal to a minimum. And start me on lupus treatment. I’m really glad I went to see him. My other dr just kept saying I was always going to hurt there was nothing that could be done about it. This dr as told me that when I get off all these meds (which could be 6 months from now with everything I’m on) and am on the correct treatment, that yes I will have flares, but I will also have good days as well. I am so thrilled that I have something to look forward to now instead of just a painful dead end.

I'm so happy you've found a doctor who listens! Good for you! We have to be our own best advocate, and you did a fantastic job of it! ::celebrates!::

Great news Tarra! I hear so many horror stories of doctors that just do not listen to their patients. I’m very glad to hear that you stuck up for yourself and continued to push. I hope you start feeling better soon.

It pays to get a second opinion and sometimes even more as you proved. Congrats on finally getting the help that you needed. Cheers to feeling better.

Just curious as to what meds you are on since many of the meds used for fibro are also used for lupus- depending on the symptoms Hoping you soon feel better with a more focused treatment plan

Gabapantin 1800mg a day. Cymbalta 60mg, flexeril 30mg a day, trazadone 150mg a day, ibuprofen 1600mg a day, vicoden as needed,

I am new at this Lupus stuff, All I know is I am in a lot of pain most of the time.