New site dedicated to Sjogren's Syndrome!

Our founders have given us a dedicated site for Sjogrens. JC has gathered some great info for us. Please join us there. Sjogren's can be much more than dry eyes and dry mouth!'s_syndrome

Hi Susan,

Nice Discussion for the new site for sjogrens's syndrome

I know this syndrome is a pure nightmare to me alone.

Love Terri xxx

Thanks Terri, I just finished posting a new discussion there, found a link to some great info written by an MD. I have learned so much about this disease since joining Ben's Friends, and much of that good info came from you, Terri!

Hope you are having a good day!'

Big hugs,


Hello Susan,

I'd love to join the site but like yourself my head does'nt allow me to multi task sites and besides Lupus, sjogrens is a main issue with my health alone as you know...i'd join today if i was'nt with the fibro.

I can't help how my head works and don't forget i have'nt got the full marbles mate to match the whole of my brain.

Hug your way Terri xxx