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I want to thank you for listening, and sharing of experiences that we all go through. By reading of what you share helps me to understand and know that I am not alone in this battle. Today's issue, I suppose to have a hysterectomy done on the 28th, my gynecologist office calls, before I can get the hysterectomy, I need my rheumy to the pre - op. I've being seeing this rheumy for 3 yrs. He won't do that pre - op. My gynecologist was kind enough to find another rheumy to help with the procedure, but now I have to see an internist too. My gynecologist said he have to take extra measures because of the illness. Now I'm flustered, irritated and scared. this is a bad month for me, due to the weather I've been having flare up after flare up. The icing on the cake, just left the er couple hrs ago for kidney stones. Lord give me a break. Does anyone that went through hysterectomy with lupus, how long is recovery time? Any info would be appreciated.

I had a partial hysterectomy 15 years ago, before I was diagnosed. I have had to go in several more times to get “cleaned out” and once to have one ovary removed. The last procedure was three or four years ago and took much longer to bounce back. I also broke out in a full body rash that started on my arm the day after the surgery. Looking back, I am sure it caused a flare. I know it is frustrating going through all the doctor appointments, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep us posted on your surgery date. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

From what I understand, we can have surgery safely, but expect a longer recovery time. Good luck!

I had a total hysterectomy about two years after my DX with Lupus. They really jumped up the Prednisone and some other meds to help me through the surgery. All went well. My only advise is, even though you might 'feel' like you can stand up straight....don't do it.... I had no pain. So I was able to stand up, and didn't think anything of it...well a week later, I was in severe trouble..... so when you walk, lean over. Trust me. Good luck to you, and feel better

If you can have it done vaginally, your recovery will be 2-3 weeks. Most healthy people would take about a week or so. If you have to have it surgically (cutting you open), expect 3 months to full recovery. Doctors always give me a steroid shot because it helps prevent inflammation and gives you an adrenaline boost. Best wishes, let us know how it went and if you did it vaginally or by scope or surgically. It could be delayed due to the kidney stones or by any virus or infection. So sorry about your kidney stones! I get them often.

Can I ask why you are having the hysterectomy? I had an abnormal pap and had a biopsy on Monday. Waiting for the results. Scared to death!

I have chronic anemia, have my menses twice a month and cysts on both sides that make it painful.

Sarah Vineyard said:

Can I ask why you are having the hysterectomy? I had an abnormal pap and had a biopsy on Monday. Waiting for the results. Scared to death!

I think surgery is hard on everyone but especially us. I have some issues that can only be corrected by surgery such as a tendinitis that needs to be cut. My rheumy says to stay away from surgery if possible.
unfortunately I have had surgery this past week because I had thyroid cancer and I’m struggling all the rare small chance issues I’ve had and I’ve had a miserable week because my other health issues have made this recovery much harder.
Be prepared to take longer to heal and for the possibility of complications. Gentle hugs

There is a drug called Lupron that will artificially put you into menopause. That will help shrink the cysts (I think). And then the cysts might be able to be lasered off? I highly suggest you get a second opinion!!! I know about this because they have that drug to my sister for endometriosis!