My family just dont understand

I push myself everyday. I get the kids up at 6am give them breakfast make there lunch. After that I get dressed wait for there father to come home from work so I can drive them to school. My oldest goes to a diff school as the twins. So I have to drive her first she has to be there before 7:40 after dropping her off I drop the twins. Come back home make the beds walk dogs do laundry n figure out what to make for dinner. By this time I finished straightening up the house I go food shopping. Pick the twins up at 2:20 come home start dinner help with HW n then go back out to get my oldest cause she stays till 5pm. Come home feed there father n kids. Clean up. Make the kids shower pjs n that’s my day everyday if I feel good or not. I’m sorry that this was so long. I just can’t seem to understand why my family don’t appreciate me. They just assume I feel fine everyday. God for bit I don’t make a home cooked meal every night they say can’t believe u didn’t cook or what r we supposed to eat. I need them to help me n not just expect things handed to them. If I tell my husband I’m not feeling good or I’m in pain he say ok or what do u want me to do. I just feel so alone sometimes. Thank you for letting me vent. So this is so long.

Thank you so much Rachel. I know they love me. I just would like to here it once in a while. Thank you for making me feel better. Its nice to know there r people out there like u going through the same thing.

I am going through the same thing...only difference is that my husband is a diabetic and hypertensive and both are uncontrolled he also has what i believe to be arthritis in his shoulders and he is overweight so his back hurts from walking, the point being everytime I feel like I need a break which is everyday I have to hear him tell me how much pain he is in. I tell him if you're in pain go to the doctor I control my Lupus but I'm still in pain. I am the first one up and the last one to go to bed. I feel like I'm about to fall out everyday but I'm expected to go on regardless of how tired or in pain I am. Sorry that was so long...once I started writing I couldn't stop. Anyway it really is nice to know I'm not alone in this.

Omg I know what u mean. Please don’t worry about writing too much I enjoy reading n knowing I’m not alone. My husband works 6 nights a week. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful n appreciate what he does. But I feel like he throws it in my face well I work. Oh n he hasn’t been feeling good for a couple of weeks. Omg all u hear is my body hurts I feel achy I’m hot I’m cold. I say 1 time I’m not feeling good n he just looks at me n says what would u like me to do. I give up on saying anything I just grin n bare it. Thank you fo sharing your situation with me. It really helps to know I have some place to turn.

OMG I can relate to the I’m hot I’m cold I’m hungry can you go to the store even though you in pain and my favorite I didn’t know you needed help cleaning up…I keep telling him I wish you could walk one day in my shoes doubt he writwould complain again

Unbelievable. I wish they could feel what we feel. Just one day do all the things we do during the course of the day n be in pain like we r. They would never be able to survive. Lol. That’s why women r strong n can handle anything that comes our way.

Thank you so much I will.

what you posted was not at all too long! it was perfect; it was a clear window into the things you struggle with from day to day. i am sorry you dont get the support and help you need. i will be praying. for now here is a little flame of hope

Thank you so much Janice!

Remember that you are never alone here LivingwithLupus ,eve though it’s hard for those who are close and dearvtous to understand WE will never be the wayWE use to be-Never. So just keep in mind that it will get better , you have to sit them down explaine to them that You Need their HELP and that there are days that You won’t be able to do or handle everything . And HOPEFULLY this will work…Beverly L.

Thank you Beverly, I will def try to sit them down n try to explain to them that there r going to be days I can’t do everything alone that I’m going to need there help. I just feel sometimes that I’m going to disappoint them.

Hi Beanzie , stay clam and express yourself . And allow them to make plans with you ( remember stress need to be left alone, not you ) ... They are there if you allow them to be there !!!! .... Beverly L.