I have been so miserable the past week. Not sleeping well, in so much pain everywhere especially in the mornings, nausea and gagging on gastric "foam" for most of morning. And itching everywhere so bad it's driving me crazy. I have tinnitus and even the ringing has increased significantly lately! I have a dark red rash growing on the bra line under my breasts that started just recently and is now almost all the way across. I go through lots of lotion that helps for a little while but comes back within hours. Sorry, just had to vent. I'm going to try to get in and see my family doctor today.

Hope you're able to get in to your doctor today. Praying you feel better!

Hope you got your appointment please let us no.

Well, won't be able to see my local doctor until Tuesday. Right now things have calmed down a bit thanks to my pain meds but the rash is still there and so is the itching. Just pray everything stays calm as I have a ladies church get together on Saturday that I really don't want to miss. Hope all are doing well today.