Lupus health update

It’s been 5 months since my lupus diagnosis. I have been to an array of specialists: eye doctor, neuphrolgist, hematologist, PCP, cardiologist. They all have a say about my health because I not only have SLE, but also the antiphospholipid syndrome. Two wammies of lupus. I had a kidney biopsy and just got the results: the two lupus types are going at it with the kidneys. I’m going to be put on cumadin next week. That was one thing I didn’t expect.
While this is happening, my heart mitral valve is damaged. The only option is a valve replacement. Due to my “young” age of 48, and the fact that my heart is “compensating” well with my shortness of breath, we are holding on to replacing it, though I feel very, very fatigue just moving around and going up a flight of stairs.
This week I had also an iron infusion because of my anemia. Needless to say, I almost live at my hospital for the many appointments I go to.
This latest kidney diagnosis set me back and I feel very depressed. I do have Mental health providers, but they can’t take away your pain just like that. This is a day to day process and mine has began.

God bless and happy holidays!

Hey borealis, I like how you put that: this is definitely a “day by day” process. I’m glad you’re reaching out for mental help though, as that can be a scary step in itself. Will you be getting together with family and friends over the holidays?

Meli from Mod Support

Hello Mel:
My family lives in another country and I didn’t go visit due to all the health investigations that I’m going through. So this time around will be my boyfriend, our dog and I! Thank you for asking!

Dogs are the best!! (and boyfriends too haha!)

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