Lupus and Shingles

I got the shingles during a lupus flare. I was told if you've gotten the chicken pox you can get shingles especially when your immune system is compromised. Probably worth talking to the dr about. I know there is a vaccine now and shingles are PAINFUL!

Hi Ann A., i also had chicken pox, but i had it later in life, and it was really bad probably like you had it. I had the pox everywhere, in my throat, in my nose and everywhere. I could hardly breathe or swallow, i could only get down liquids. It is worrying that any of us might get Shingles, and you sadly have had it. I have seen what it does to people when i used to be a nurse, and its not pleasant one bit. I didnt know there was a vaccination for Shingles now, i knew they had one for chicken pox perhaps the same one covers the Shingles, as its the same virus. Its definately worth thinking about. I have had the pneumonia jab that lasts ten years, although i think it may of just ran out now. It doesnt stop us from getting pnuemonia, but just makes whatever pneumonia i might get a lesser dose of it. The same with the flu jab. How awful your daughter getting it too, and before you did. Did you say your daughter has Lupus, or is she healthy, sorry i cant remember, my memory is like a sieve sometimes, as i have the brain involvement, i do try and remember things about people. I also try and do memory excercises to try and help me. Anyway i hope you are not too bad at the moment, take care, bye for now, love and hugs Astrid40xoxo

i am just curious how old is your cousin had hashimiotos ....which is not same as thyroiditis because i had the later..i understand that you are just calling the hashimoto offidicial name and not saying she has two separate thyroid issues.

I am wondering if she is small child or grown adult child.....has she ever been in counseling for her morbid obese weight? It is so hard on small kids to be that much overweight ..all teasing etc. I hope she gets some help for her weight....i know how hard it is for her and you as her parent. My heart really goes out to her.

Ann A. said:

Hi Astrid My Dahlin,

No, the shingles vaccine is not designed for children. It is not intended to prevent chicken pox. It is designed for adults and intended to prevent shingles in people who have been exposed to the virus that causes chicken pox. Initially the vaccine in the U.S. was approved for people over 60 - and everyone over 60 was told that even if they do not remember having the chicken pox - they should assume that they have been exposed.

As the attached article indicates, last year the Federal Drug Administration of the U.S. approved the vaccination for people above age 50, greatly increasing the number of people for whom the drug is recommended.

In January of 2010 a government panel recommended use of the vaccine in the UK for people over 70.

However, as of December 11, 2011 this vaccine had not yet been approved for general use in the UK.

These cross national differences in recommendations for vaccination against shingles is most probably related to the different structures of the health care systems in the two countries. In the UK the only holdup was the cost. If the vaccine has been recommended for everyone over 70 in the UK, then your health care system will be obligated to provide a vaccination to every 70 year old who wants one. Here, in the US it is still about the amount of insurance coverage and/or the amount of money that an individual has. Here anyone over 50 can now have a shingles vaccination if they or their insurance company company will pay for it.

And I did not have the pox in my throat. I would remember that because my grandmother made GINGERBREAD. My daughter has not been diagnosed with lupus. Yet I would not call her "healthy." She too has Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis and she is morbidly obese. I am sure that there are some other health conditions that she does not share with me because she does not wont me to worry. Unfortunately, I am a fairly decent diagnostician and can therefore see some additional health issues in her skin and hair and nails. So she is not healthy even though she does not have lupus.

You Po Po Baby to have them chicken pox so bad. I wish I could send you a shingles vaccination.

I also have Lupus, and Hashimioto Disease; I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1976 at the age of 16 and wasn't diagnosed with Hashimioto Disease until I was approximately 32years old. I was extremely thin as a child and young adult, but I am very heavy now. I think between the steroids for the Lupus and then the Hasmimioto disease I have a double whammy. It is very hard to deal with so many health problems which those are only two of the many, but life goes on. Thanks for sharing your posts; I really enjoy seeing that I'm not alone in this adventure.

You are so right about doctors not knowing how to treat it or even thyroiditis! I came down with it ....gee about 15 years ago or bit more. My Internist who was the person who originally diagnosed the lupus became all excited and asked me to wait while she went and got senior doctor. Seems they rarely saw it back she wanted to be sure that is what I is like they all had read about it in Medical School but never seen she asked if doc in her area could all come and check me out..Yea it was like being the guinea pig but i understood. Plus..she was more of friend than doctor so I knew it was something that could help others.

SO far....i still have it working but they said 100% sure that one day it will just stop working. Since i took so much pred for poison oak and than early on for lupus until by bones began thinning I have been lucky(because where i lived is very small only 3200 pop) we have endocrinologist on staff. So he checks me out reg....and does some other stuff....think he is hoping i will come down with hashi disease as well lol!

I am sorry about your daughter....i am sure she thought she had it under control as the young often think and weight just slowly crept up. Hopefully slowly she will be able to take the weight down again. As you know her body would not be working so hard....i still have some weight to get off myself from round of some serious drugs and just being bed bound.

my uncle just that cousin might be there.....if i can make it...long drive. That is thing i hate most...missing important events like this funeral because my body just cannot put out that much energy. Plus the stress of it will just wipe me out so by monday i will be in bed all day..hopefully just laying there!

If i cannot make it...i will email her...her nephew just recently came down with autoimmune disease. I know it tends to be much harder on men...i sure hope he is doing well. I am not what your call really close to that one family...but my uncle that died...well i lived about all my childhood over there in Sonoma ....riding strange horses with my cousin..his daughter and tutoring her to read. Think she was /is dyslexic so was hard. My brother and I would hang out with my grandparents and this uncle ....while i played with my cousin(uncle daughter).

thank you for the great sites...and I sincerely hope your daughter finds a doctor that will inspire her.... much love lg

Yes, I think that you should talk to your doctor and I also think that giving you employment your doctor should have given you a list of things that are easy for you to catch and precautions that are important that you take. We I was working I worked in a community action agency working with different people and their different illness that they might have come in my office with that day how ever in my case I didn't always know unless they told me but you just need to stay prayed up keep the whole armor of GOD on you at all times..... I would love to go back to work............

Hi Tray, i think it also depends on your immunity, as i had really bad chicken pox when i was grown up, they were literally everywhere, in my throat and everywhere. Well i managed to catch chicken pox again, they said it was because i am on heavy doses of immunosuppressant drugs which are also a form of chemo, so my white cell count isnt very high, and my immunity is so low i wouldnt be able to fight it off, and they also said about when i am in contact if i find out afterwards to make sure i contact either my Rheumy or doctor as i need to have antiviral drugs, but everyone is different, you shoud check with your own rhuemy to see what he/she says really. take care, love and hugs Astrid40xoxo

Tray said:

Ive had chicken pox when I was a kid. Oh and I do gown, glove, and mask up before going into the room. I am VERY careful, but ppl said I shouldnt be in there, and otherws said Im fine.

Sheila W. said:

Hi Tray;

If you have had chicken pox, you can't get shingles. They are the same virus, and those who didn't ever get chicken pox, or got a very mild case as a child, they are prone to shingles. If this person is in the hospital, they should be in isolation and trteated as if they are contagious. I know it's too late for you to avoid exposure, but other staff and patients should be protected.

Regarrds, Sheila