Lupus and costochondritis

So I have spend the past 4 days in horrible pain and to top it off I cannot take a full breath! I went to the Dr. on Thursday and they said I had costochondritis. The doctor was explaining how it was inflammation inbetween the ribs and all I could think about was “great more inflammation in my body! Like I don’t already have enough!” One thing I can tell you is that it is horrible to feel like you cannot take a full breath. He put me on pain meds and said I would have to fight through it. It was funny because he had two students with him that day and they seemed very interested in me because I had Lupus. Then the one found out I also have raynauds and he looked down at my hands and said. Wow your fingers are very very white and pale so how do you like the change in the seasons. I wanted to look at him and say…well I guess not very well since I can’t breath, my hands are so cold they are changing colors and I am hurting but to you I am magical because you have never actually seen anyone with lupus, so how do you like the change in seasons…LOL! Anyways back from my rant… :slight_smile: Has anyone else had problems with costochondritis?

Oh ya I have costocondritis as well, just the other day I was in the ER because I thought it was acting up, turns out it wasnt that but I had pericarditis (inflamation in the sac that surrounds the heart) costocondritis shouldnt cause you to hurt to take in full breath, the lining of the lungs could also become inflamed called pulurisy (sp?) That could make it hurt to beathe. Treatment is nsaids usually but I cant take nsaids so they put me on a burst and taper pack of prednisone.

I loved the way you ranted...and you are magical, and you do have Lupus and it sucks that you are so sick. I am very sorry you feel so awful.

I am also very glad they were interested in you because that means you have a better chance of getting tx.

hang in there

use your wings if you have to

I am glad that you ranted about this. I also have costocondritis and can't take a full breath. I went to the ER when it first started - they gave me naproxin and said it would not last longer than a week. It has been close to a month and it was only in one side but now in both. I hope yours doesn't last this long.

The doctor at the ER said he had no idea if it was related to lupus- but seeing how many people here have it i think it is connected.