It never ends

On Sunday, my winded feeling and sweating/light headed was worse than usual. I ended up going to an urgent care place near me as my regular doctor's office is only open Monday thru Saturday. The urgent care doc took my background. When he heard that I had a pericardial effusion a year ago, his eyes opened wide and he pretty much didn't hear anything else I had said. He didn't hear that I have a cardiologist who has been following me closely. Echo's revealed NO damage at all to my heart, just mild pericarditis. The doctor didn't want to touch me and suggested that I go to the ER. I said that I know it is NOT cardiac but autoimmune/inflammation related. He still insisted that I should go to the ER. Against my better judgment, I went to the ER. The ER doctor also looked quite concerned when he heard that I had an effusion previously. When I told him that it had been drained, came back and I was in tampenade, I thought he was getting pasty and sweaty looking LOL. I told him that I had a pericardial window. He asked how it was done (strange question). I said that I had a two inch scar and he said OH, they did an open procedure? Duh, how else would a pericardial window be done. I had officially entered the twilight zone. Next thing, was to be put on a monitor, chest x-ray and blood work to confirm that I did not have a cardiac event. Of course all of that was negative. Before discharging me, they called my cardiologist to be sure it was ok to send me home. Keep in mind that as I had told them, all cardiac tests were fine. I was discharged with the recommendation to follow up with my doctor. When I saw the cardiologist the next day I told her what had transpired. When I told her that as soon as they heard pericardial effusion, they heard NOTHING else, she was not surprised and kind of chuckled. The winded and sweating sensation that I came in for was not even on their radar. What a wasted evening that was. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist but the first available appointment is not for three weeks. I also have an appointment with a nephrologist in two weeks to see why there was protein in my urine twice. I did go to my primary two days ago. He drew blood to check thyroid function and various hormone levels which would be the initial tests an endocrinologist would do. I am on a wait and see now and just trying to deal with the winded sensation and ridiculous sweating. UGH Just venting sorry

::sends lots of hugs:: Hang in there hon! It's hard when you know more than (some) doctors do, and when they simply won't listen to what you are trying to tell them. I feel for you!