I need some help

Hi everyone, I am Hava from Kosovo. I want to share with you my symptoms and see if anyone have same symptoms as me. In beginning i had marks and my face started to be red ( redness ) i had facial itch. All this continued for couple of years and then they started to appear in the eye, ear, in the back of ear, inside mouth and then in the head. Then i had hair decline and redness. Time after time i have problems with bones and doctors in my country told me that i have LUPUS. I would like to ask you if someone has same symptoms like me and to share with me the same therapy and to help me to cure this illnes because the doctors here dont know what to do with me yet. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. Best regards Hava

Hi Hava,

So your doctors told you that you have Lupus but they didn't give you any treatment? There is no cure for this disease it is chronic but there are medicines that can help to control it. You need a doctor to prescribe the right treatment for you. I hope this helps.

Welcome, Hava! Each one of us have symptoms that are not necessarily the same as others. I have a mild butterfly rash on my cheeks and forehead. My joints hurt a lot and I am now having some esophaghus problems. i feel like my bones hurt and have for years but I am told it is not actually the bones but the tissues and tendons caused by fibromyalgia. There are so many things you could have. Did the doctor do blood tests to see if it is Lupus or another auto immune disease? Was it a rheumatologist or internist who you you saw? You need to research on the internist under symptoms and lupus and keep researching and jotting down questions and thoughts. I would guess the majority of us have had to do a lot of researching for ourselves and pushing doctors for answers and some of us don't get great answers either. Good luck Hava. I hope others here have more answers for you.