I am sorry to meet all under these circumstances, but "Hello"

Hello all. I was diagnosed approx 2 yrs ago....and then it was quite a while after much lab work before I had a confirmation on the diagnosis (DX) My first experience was about 5 yrs ago when I was gardening and sat in a chair fr exhaustion and dozed off for about 15 min. I ended up in the emergency rm fr an awful rash that blistered and made me very ill. They told me to wear a hat next time I went out in the sun. The prob was that I told them I had been gardening for yrs and was an avid sun worshiper and always tanned... Then about 2 yrs ago I went to see a fr in KC, about a 9 hr trip. We were exposed to the sun frequently and the temp was about 90 degrees....and very humid ;( We went there to pick up my dog and stayed for 3 days. The trip home was a trip fr you know where....it was awful .....I also have many many probs w/my back (had a cooler full of ice packs..lol)cont.

Hi, and nice to meet you. I am sorry about your rash--that was one of the things I noticed too...I was only in the sun for a few minutes one day=not more than than 15 and I had a burn and rash on the back of my neck