Here is what I am thinking re second opinion lab results

Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember I recently sought a second opinion at which I was assured that my previous rheumy was very competent and that I shouldn't really worry that I feel so tired and achy. After all, this happens to many people la la la and it means nothing at all. However, they did run some obligatory tests which returned as follows:

* Overactive thyroid which accounts for the three weeks of fever and sore throat that they said they thought was probably just viral. High T4; low TSH.

* My anti-dsdna was 7 on a scale where less then 4 is neg, 5-9 is indeterminate, and 9+ is positive. It was also slightly positive 2 years ago with a positive ANA but they decided it was a fluke and released me after it returned to normal.

* Cardiolipin antibodies were flagged high. Lupus Anticoagulants were high last winter but normal at retest.

Their response - refer me to primary to treat thyroid, retest in 3 months for other labs.

I am thinking it is time to leave these Rheumy's alone and just try to manage my own symptoms until or if something major occurs. I am so tired of being looked at askance. If I am in the early stages of a diagnosis of something it will surely show itself right? Why am I trying to get to the bottom of something that makes no real sense presently? While my reasons thus far have been to try feel better, perhaps this is just part of the journey to whatever may or may not come and I shouldn't be borrowing trouble? I am interested in your thoughts as always.

Often it takes years to accuratelydiagnose an autoimmune disease and just as often there are other disease manifestations that are NOT autoimmune related Personally I would treat the thyroid and see how you do Thyroid problems can cause a whole host of symptoms too.

Interesting that cigarette smoking can cause Grave's disease- never knew that

Honesty I think it’s more important to go on with living …of course you know your body and should absolutely see your Dr’s when you feel something big is brewing. It sounds like you’re rheumatologist is being proactive by running tests and wanting to repeat in a few months .I just place zero validity in most rheumatology blood work for definitive answers mainly because my labs are almost always perfect but I have the worst cases of lupus any of my specialist have ever seen. .The only lab that is always very abnormal is my c4 compliment. .I had a positive ANA a year 1/2ago but since I started plaqunill and all the other meds its never happened again. .I hope you have lots of good days and enjoy them to the fullest !!