Great rheum doctor in Vaccaville/Vallejo area for Kaiser people


I can easily say that Dr Roberts in Kaiser hospitals for Vallejo, Vaccaville and Farfield areas is a great Rheumatologist. At the time, I was seeing Dr Fitch in Sacaramento since there just were not hardly any Rheumatologist around...he was excellent too but was retiring.

Dr Roberts became a Rheum dr after he was made aware of great shortages by his wife, Dr Umioni, who was my internist. She always said that I had to open him up a bit ...compared to Dr fitch who was like Dr Marcus Welby..not kidding, Roberts was a bit more formal.

SO Dr Roberts went back to college at Davis, Calif and became one. One of his instructors was Dr Fitch who told me to use him since my other choice was a military dr coming in to fill his position. He was unhappy about this choice that he actually stayed on and covered his most ill and senior patients.

But Dr Roberts even though he was not as friendly as his wife, he cared and he was very smart. I knew no matter how bad or what was thrown at me he would find a soloution and he did. As he put it just with time , as i would get older the arthritis would worsen and it did. So even though he tried to keep me working ...eventually i had to give it up.

Dr Siebert was a food doctor down in Vallejo podiatry and he loved outdoors as much as I did....he did all he could to save my joints...doing 4 surgeries on me. If you can give up your high hills, than he is the person to see.

I know Dr Umoini has left i belive to take care of her youngest son...she was pt as it was and i tried to find her in directory for those areas with no luck. If anyone does know where she is at please let me know....she was the very best and over worked.

When my niece was considering to become a doctor, it was her I had her talk too so she hear the negative side of being a doctor telling a intelligent woman in her early fifties that she has fast advancing Alzheimer. She said even have to tell me, I had SLE, was hard because back in the 80's it was still dark ages for it and not a lot known...Aids really turned things around.

As to counselors...Joan Frazzini, works in Sacramento and Chico, Calif. You will never find a better counselor than her. I have tried by now...20/30 and not one even came close to doing the great work she does. She has a great way of helping you see for yourself what you need to do ...or how to face a problem. She never tells you what is right for you.

I has a great Eye Doctor in Sacramento Kaiser, Gutman but he retired too....I do have connections still with that area for dermatologist and possible eye doctors...even rheum if someone would like me ask friends who still use kaiser in Sac area.

I myself am looking for a good rheum in Davis, or Medford, oregon area...i live up above Redding and there is only 2 rheum there. Both are burned out and I need one that likes difficult cases and will give me the respect to allow me to help make choices for my health care.

SO i appreciate any referrals...also good poditrist would be nice too. thanks and if anyone does see dr Roberts...he became a rhem because of me and how hard time i had finding one...say his first patient says hello...they made me feel like family and when i moved they tried to talk me into still keeping them...but i was out of kaiser area. I wish i had in one way...been so hard trying to find doctors like them.