Family Reunion

Have a Family Reunion tomorrow. I'm concerned about someone making me sick activities and the sun, there will be fans. First time since I've been around a lot of people and activities. Any ideas?


A little Nervous

Stay hydrated and sun protected (sunscreen, hat, etc.). Pace yourself with activities. Don't overdo it. Just try to relax and enjoy the reunion.

Thanks for the reply. It's always nice to know some who's been through it.

No problem. My biggest issue is not pacing myself! I always want to do everything, but you really have to listen to your body and know that activities wear you out even faster than they used to otherwise you'll be recovering for the next three days. I've learned that the hard way. I hope you have a good time at the reunion.

Protect yourself from the sun, try and stay away from anyone that’s sick, and take a break from the crowd when you have to. At my family get-togethers when I start feeling terrible I just go in a room by myself and relax for a little while. Usually 15 minutes of alone time, whether relaxing on a recliner or laying down will do the trick. Then I’ll join the family once again. My relatives don’t mind and don’t consider me a “party pooper”. Like Ballerina said, “Listen to your body and pace yourself”. As time goes by, you’ll get better and better at it. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as possible at the reunion.