Excited and Nervous

It’s only 3 wks. Till the fall semester starts. I’m so nervous and excited this is my first semester back since beginning diagnosed. I’m wondering am I making the right choice to go back? Should I back out? I think I’m more nervous then freshman year. And that was big for me since I was home schooled my entire school years. I am excited to have something to keep my mind on other TV and whatever else I can find to do. I love school and I really want to become a teacher and help children with disabilities. I am thankful my doc. Was able to give me a prescription for an electric wheelchair so on my bad days I can still get around campus!! Like my mom said you will never know till you try and so I’m going to try and see how I do!

I’m going back to school this fall. This will be my second attemp as the first after I was diagnosed didn’t go over well. Good luck. Just remember to take it easy

Trust me, go back to school!! You CAN do it, even with Lupus! I was diagnosed in March of my Freshman year of college and to this say I regret not going back in the Fall semester. I was away at school and I still managed to finish out my Freshman year with my Lupus diagnosis and again I regret not going back in the Fall. Needless to say, I was in and out of school for 10 years after that until I finally got my Bachelor's last May! You will feel so accomplished when you get your degree in 3-4 years! (however long your program is) Don't give up! Just listen to your body and use the wheelchair whenever you need it!

As a current college student, you can do it! Just don’t be afraid to seek extra services that will help tend to your needs such as at my school we have Accessability Services, which helps students who need longer times for tests, or to take tests at different times, and anything else students with “disabilities” may need. Best of luck, you’ll do great!!

Request ada accommodation for the wheelchair and other accommodations on your campus

Good luck on your schooling, how exciting. You know your limits, listen to your body, and rest when you need to. Take as long as you need. It may take you longer than the four years, and that's okay. The main thing is to enjoy the experience, and have fun while doing it. Stay focused and do what 'you' need to do.

Wow!!! Thanks everyone for all the amazing support!!! After this semester I will only have 2 generals done. I’m excited for that. I know it may take longer but I’m just going to “keep swimming”! I guess I’m just so nervous because I got so sick my second semester of freshman year so I am worried of re-living it…


Pace yourself, listen to your body, take good care of yourself and try your hardest and you will do just fine! Happy Fall 2014!

I am so proud of you!! As others have said just pace yourself and do what you can. I wish the best for you!!