Excercise and Lupus

Hello Every one. I am sure with the Lupus we all fight fatigue? I had gastric bypass in 1994. I reached my goal and lost 136 lbs. Then I got pregnant and had 2 surgeries in 2007. Before all of this after my bypass. I was such an exercise fanatic. I did my aerobics every day for an hour and walked my dog to miles a day. But now. Cause of my age and the Lupus. I can not do what I once was able to do. I have a hard time with all of this. Cause I gained weight and the only way I can loose my weight is exercise. What excercise do you do? I really need advice on what I should do. I tried doing my hour of aerobics and got so tired I had to stop. Thanks for any help on a diet or exercise would be wonderful. Take care Karen

Hi Karen I had a lapband put in 2.5 years ago and yes the fatigue has put me on the sidelines. I wish there was a simple answer, I have gained 20lbs since my diagnosis and that was only 2 months ago. Plus now my lapband has to be removed because its a "no no" with lupus. I am scheduled to have surgery on the 4th. My surgeon said that I can have the bypass done but Im not sure I want to put my body through all that right now. What meds do you take, Im worried about being able to absorb the meds. The only advice I can give on the weight is like before we had surgery they told us to stay on protein mostly. I would move to as low carb as possible.