What do I need to do to establish that I am disable? Do I do this thru my doctor, which one? I submitted an application for SSA on Sep 27 2011 and I have not heard anything yet. How long does it take? Thanks in advance for all information I can get and thanks to everyone who reapplied to my previous posts. I am sorry if a do not respond to emails right away but I am so depressed, overwhelm and tired that I have no energy or desire to do anything. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers.


I myself applied for disability back in July, I was denied. I appealed the decision and was told I would not hear anything until around the end of January. It is very common to be denied a few times and can take a few years to get approved. I made an appointment with my Primary Care Dr, she was very supportive about the disability.

I would go ahead and call SS and ask them the status. If you are denied twice you may want to get a lawyer. They do not charge unless they win the case and it is usually 25% of the back pay from the day you filed.

I hope I have been some help to you.

I applied for disabilty over the phone back in Sept of this year and was approved in Nov. They'll take all your information over the phone like your job history ect.. which they can see under your ssi number. Once that is done they will send you out paperwork for you to fill out and return. Make sure you complete the paperwork in full answering the question the same way you did over phone and be truthful about your daily activity. The determining factor depends on what type of problems you are experiencing with lupus. Just to give you an ideal of my condition, I have first stage kidney disease, diabetes, heart problems and hypertension. In my case my Rheumatologist and/ or my Nephrologist stated I was disable. If you have already applied call ss dept for the status of your app. If you are denied get a lawyer. I'll be praying that all things works out for your good!


Hi Sonia, well at least you have filed the papers! What I learned is the very first time that you were seen by a doctor for the problem,which you think is causing you to feel this pain -in other words start going to the Doctor and make sure you have Paper trails,with every note made by the doctor (request your files monthly or every two months!,stay on top of the process time with your case worker , get family / friends that know what you go through on daily base to write statments and have them notoirized, find out who the case worker supervisor is… Anything you can think of -just stay on top and Don’t MISS NO APPOINTMENTS!!! It’s going to take time for the Social Security office to get to you but Don’t give Up!!! Be patient… Beverly L.