Chest pain

what can I do for these chest pain I’m having everyday tightness in my chest also dose prenisone work for everyone I take 2 pills a day 20mg each it dose not feel like its working for me

Hello Andre,

Like "Ann" said with all the symptoms she's pointed out these can come from Lupus can affect the lungs which i have and cause severe pain besides swelling inside, bronchitis comes with chest pains besides.

Andre you may find this Link very helpful for chest pains with Lupus but i do suggest like Ann if it gets to bad you must attend emergency because with Lupus you can't afford to mess about incase other complications are caused.


Whenever my prednisone dose is increased above 40, I get chest pains and tightness that is a result of fluid retention from prednisone! It goes away when I decrease pred (once had to go to ER and they gave me an injection to get rid of excess fluid).

Also, more sharp chest pains tend to be pleurisy...hurts to take a deep breath or move.

Always best to check out chest pains!!! I know for me, it might get easy to just say - oh,, here's another lupus symptom or something. But, gotta remember that something completely unrelated can still happen. So make sure your heart is ok!

blessings to you