The 5 types of Fibromyalgia

Word just came in from the FMS site that they are now diagnosing this into types, she is the CFS type, there is also a spinal, a brain, and o brain and spinal, as well as a hormonal. Here is the link.


This is a very interesting site. I've never seen it before. I'm so thankful more research is being done on Fibromyalgia. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Susan,

Great link and information for Lupus member's besides who have Fibro and i read a while back about Fibro being diagnosed in different ways but this should help our member's alot besides.

Love Terri xxx

Well, I went to the article and read the "five" different types. In some way each type describes me to a serious degree. I do have chronic fatigue, but not so sure it is attributed to "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" exactly. I was initially diagnosed with CFS way back in 1989/1990 or so back when it was considered the "Yuppie Disease" and people made fun of you for having that diagnosis, but it was quickly pushed away by my docs as not being my diagnosis when my symptoms got worse and my blood work started showing auto-immune disease and Lupus among others.

I'm been Post Menopausal for a very long time now even though I am only 41 years old. Lupus destroyed my reproductive organs long ago and due to tumors in my breasts I can't take synthetic Estrogens.

Along with my long list of diagnoses, I am also diagnosed as severely depressed. Even when I'm not actively depressed - the docs won't take the diagnosis away. This is sometimes a terrible and scary condition, but other times, not noticeable at all - I get no warning as to when it will strike. I am also just a flat out insomniac and have never slept well - even with medications and after several sleep studies. I rarely eat meat except fish and a little chicken. Eggs rarely and only small amounts of lactose (a few small bites of ice cream with pecans in it). Exercising is an issue though with my heart involvement I can only do so much.

I do have major PTSD plus I've had many broken bones as a child and as the result of several major car accidents - one near death car accident that involved the jaws of life - I do not have a memory of my surgery, my time in the hospital afterwards, which hospital it was or what happened. I do now have metal in my body to make some of my parts work. My brand new $65K car was demolished and I barely survived.

I have always had jobs in which there was intense mental, intellectual strain and concentration - however, these were fun jobs for me. I enjoyed the pressure and stress involved, the challenge, I'm sure it took a toll on my mind and body. I worked long hours and always lost track of the time.

What I am saying though is that I think these are all very common things/guesses that most all people are exposed to in life - if I have been exposed to all five of these things in extreme ways- I would imagine that others have been exposed to one or two or maybe all five in their lifetime in the same way. I'm just not really sure that this study came up with any truly ground breaking news about what actually "causes" ME to have Fibromyalgia - while my co-worker doing the same things I did is Fibromyalgia free! ?

I want to see something medical to explain Fibro - there has to be a medical answer - not guesses based mostly on lifestyle or accidents.

I don't mean to be a naysayer. :( I might not have read the entire article, I didn't see the brain and spinal connections.


Hi Susan,

I found this link on what you've mentioned about 5 different types of Fibro...the symptoms in the link are the same but this link carries alot of info i thought you might like to take a look suffering with it and having problems.