Stormy's 6th BD

My g-daughter, Stormy’s 6th BD party and my son, well…acting like my son…goof

Thank you again Astrid ;) Stormy is our special angel. She what is called Prater Willie Syndrome and her brain never acknowledges that she has a full stomach and this can lead to life threatening situations so they have to take certain precautions....they have a lock on the fridge and cabinets, etc... She also has very poor muscle tone and tires extremely easily. She has a mild amount of mental retardation, but let me tell you she is very smart. She is reading well and her writing skills are good too.....she just amazes us. Anyway, that is our Stormy Angel....

Astrid, I'm such a dork...I didn't notice that I had mispelled Prader-Willie...shame on me...thank you for your keen spelling... ;)