OKay!!!! This is a weird one!!! Rachel is strange!! Here it is: I get these sneezing attacks!

My house is clean, my vehicle clean, public(hmmm, i dont know) but wherever I am I sneeze

for hours...then it goes away for a few days....Now like today as I am writing this, well

here we go again, I must of sneezed over 100 times.....I blow my nose and it doesnt quit.

am I strange? Please if anyone else experiences this, let me know.....Im currently

OFF medicine so I cant blame that! Love you's Rachel.....

Hi Rachel, I have been quite sneezy lately too, kind of like my sinuses are irritated, and it is worse some days more than others, but YES, it is quite annoying....I don't know why it is happening, maybe u are allergic to something?? Try & think what you are maybe doing, eating, or around that may be different?? IDK< all I know is it has been like that 4 me too, and I usually never sneeze!! Wierd!!?? Hmmm.....Well, we are like members of the 7 Dwarfs, lol....."SNEEZY" :0) Heck, u knows y any of this stuff happens 2 us?? {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)

Iah ah-chew do ih ah ah ah-do ih do ahchew

hah ha h hah...shew!
may God's face shine upon you today!

U are FUNNY Janice~~ ;) Suzie Xo

janice said:

hah ha h hah...shew!
may God's face shine upon you today!