No Medicine, just waiting... The sword of Damocles

I have been known my abnormal lab work(positive ANA, DNA,SSA,SSB)for two monthes. My SER level increased from 22 to 34 now. My rheumy said no medicine for now because I do not have much symptoms except always tired. So he just ask me come back every three monthes to monitor. BUT is it too late to start treament once I have more serious symptoms? Can Lupus treat preventively? Anxiety and fear made my night longer.

Lupus is a permanent disorder of your immune system and there are no medications to cure it. Many people go trough life with just mild symptoms such as yours-it is important to remember that the medications can have dire side effects- hence they are not used unless really necessary. The meds can actually do more harm than the disease sometimes. There are many things over the counter thatcan help with symptoms especially for pain but the fatigue is notoriously unresponsive to treatment Some believe that vitamin D can help and certainly something to ask your doctor Also some people take plaquenil to help minimize some of the symptoms- another drug you can ask your doctor about.

Thank you poobie, just feel something will happen but do not know what

How are you, Sophia? Any news?

I am doing OK, still do not take any medication. will go to rheumy to recheck at end of next month. thanks for asking