New SLE Lupus test

Hi everyone,
Exergen Avise is making a new SLE Lupus test, that will include all the nesassary tests with only about 5 drops of blood from a finger prick! My Rheumitologist is helping with the study, so I got the complete Avise SLE test for free. The new test will give test results within one hour, so the Doctor will do the test while you wait.
I won’t find out until Feburary about my test, but I thought this nano technology was kind of cool…

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Jon, thanks for sharing this information with us.

Hi Jon
Very interesting I will look into the test. You live in Escondido … I live in La Mesa. I don’t know if you know there is a lupus support group in Encinitas … Also the Southern California lupus chapter is in Kerney Mesa…
This online support group has been so helpful for all my weird symptoms…

I will find out the results Friday, it should be interesting… The test is normally $1,200 but I am getting it for $25. I still do not have a concrete Dx for Lupus, Though my ANA has been positive twice. I have been dx’d with PsA, but I think Lupus was a precurser by about 25 years… Hard to nail down these Auto-immune diseases!

How will getting results of this test help you?


I have been getting the run around with my Rheumy doctors, first I have Lupus, then it is FMS then Lupus again, I would like to get a Dx on it. I fired my old Rheumy as I was not getting treatment for the PsA, now my new Rheumy took me off Plaquenil, the only thing that was helping so far, she said that it could make PsA worse, I have been on it for a couple of years, and it helped with the muscle pain. So I am going to try a third Rheumy, in my area and see what she thinks.
I have had a positive ANA the three times it was tested, the two from the Avise were identical the ANA was a weak positive and I had a weak positive for a antibody that attacks my kidneys. I don’t want to go off the meds just to satisfy a whim of the doctors, it took 7 months for it to start working last time!

Oh, the new test will just require a pin prick to the finger, instead of the vials of blood, the results will also be available sooner.

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