New Acetaminophen Warning - midol, benedryl, tyelenon, APAP

I know that I am not the only person in LWL who takes medicines containing this ingredient

No I take them to. Especially the Tylenol and Benadryl.

Benadryl is on this list. I had NO idea. It is my best line of defense considering all my allergies.

At one time I had liver damage enough to be seen on an ultrasound when they were checking for gallstones. It was verified when my GI doc scoped me the next week. Serious enlargement and some cirrhosis because of - prescription medications. WHY did anyone not tell me these medicines were not to be taken? Acetaminophen is one of the things anyone trying to heal their liver is told to avoid like the plague.

Also, with documented allergies to others that cause it, I'm considered high risk for developing Stephens Johnson syndrome. With the anti epileptics, it is more often fatal, much more so than stated in the article. Mnay are not warned of it's signs and symtoms when beginning one of these drugs, and wait too long to get help. It can also be permanently and severely disfiguring.

Thanks for the post Ann A

I am glad I read this article this morning. I have never had an allegy to anything but last week I was in the pool and my left arm became red, warm and itchy. It had red spots, I did not know what was happening, I got out, took a shower, and fell asleep. when I got up it was gone, everyone said take Benadryl but it was gone. I then went to Publex, touched the shopping cart, and again, my thumb started itching, both hands became red and hot. I got home and it was gone and it was gone. What happened?

Oh my goodness! I had been off work and couldn’t afford my plaquenil, and when I don’t take it I get a lupus rash that is itchy. It was really uncomfortable so I started taking benedryl this week at bedtime to relieve it. Then my face broke out on my chin with these weeping small blisters filled with yellow whitest pussy stuff. It is awful looking! I just thought it was a weird lupus thing I had to endure, but now I’m kinda freaked out!

Heather the worst thing you can do is ever go without your prescriptions. Please go to go to the plaquinel page and there will be 2-3 different income brackets. Just print the one you qualify for, fill in all your information and take to your doctor to get the written script. It ships to your home or your physician office. It will be a 90day supply. And in that will be a reorder form you send to get your next ones. Every year you fill it out again. It's a great site. I work at a doctors office and I use that site all the time and I've used it for my personal as well. Good luck!!