Motorized Scooter Approval

Hello LWL family, I decided not to apply for disibility, I am going to try and get through another year of teacher and see how it goes. I have a new Rhemy (3rd one) and I considering asking if I can use a motorized scooter, mainly at school so that I am not in so much pain or fatigued from going all over the building. I have a cane and walker but I feel the scooter would be best. Has anymore been able to get approval for one from their Rhuemy? Do you this this would be a good solution for now?

Hello Purplefav,

I use aids like yourself but mainly a rollator but if i wanted to go to the shops over the road i found it such a strain on my legs and especailly the i brought one second hand from a company off ebay and it was covered for 6mths and it was the best thing i did....mines an high speed at 8mph i did get a 4mph one at first and found it very slow, so if your going for one i suggest the 8mph and adjust the speed slower and all the best trying your hardest to do another year teaching.

All my love Terri xxx